Friday, April 6, 2012

In God's Eyes, What Republicans Are Doing Is Evil...

It is a good idea to use a measuring stick when we look at anything in life. How would we know how high or low a level something is or how good or bad something or someone is if we don’t compare it to something safe and stable? Well, when it comes to life, we can use God’s eyes to compare or test stuff…and people, to make sure it or they measure up to a standard that is acceptable in modern times, to what we should come to accept from our leaders, from the Companies who employ us and use the Earth’s resources for some type of profit…and even the friends who take us down that long road and leave us there. We have to use God’s eyes, to measure our values.

I write this to compare some of the things that are happening in real time, right now in America, things that we can see. I first look at the Companies that are raping, pillaging and plundering our Earth’s precious and finite resources for the purpose of profit at the expense of the Earth, the environment and the biological ecosystem, flora and fauna that depend on the areas affected, for their very survival. Companies like BP and Exxon Mobil…Chemical companies, Mining companies and companies that use destructive practices like Fracking to get products to sell on the energy markets immediately come to mind. These companies can be called the Merchants of Death, as these companies could use safer more humane ways to get their products without all the wanton waste and destruction…In God’s eyes, that is Evil. 

Next I look at the leaders and in particular the politicians who support these companies and take actions that support these companies against the American people…people who voted for them and who should be their main focus. For the last 60 years or more, it has become commonplace for the Republicans to support these companies, making the companies’ strong-armed ‘will’ felt…like a “cat o’ nine tails” on the backs of the people who work for them and the people who buy their products. We consume their products at the expense of our environment and our children’s futures, as we do not leave a healthy planet for our children to inherit. In God’s eyes…that is evil.

We have seen over the years and indeed more so in recent times, a revamped push by the Republicans to attack and oppress the poor and working class at the behest of the companies in an apparent attempt to squeeze every last drop of blood, sweat and tears from a public that is already reeling from the devastating effects of a Republican recession, caused by the mismanagement of the economy by Republicans and their misguided policies. In Gods eyes…that is evil.

I do not want to convert anyone to one religion or another, I simply want to use the idea of good versus evil to shine a light on all these terrible policies and practices that are thrust upon us by Companies and Politicians… corrupt Republican politicians, whose marriage to these companies and their practices are just unacceptable and downright…evil. 

When men take a stand on policy and ideology that are destructive to the public, we have to look at their actions and the effects of those actions to determine who these men really are inside…are they seeking the interests of the people, the good of the people, or they trying by their actions, to harm the people…the public…you and I…our children?

 When politicians use policies that take away human rights, the rights to proper healthcare, the rights to decent, safe standards and conditions at work, the right to have a living wage that is reflective of the high cost of living, we can see the inside of these men…and in the eyes of God, that is evil. 

You constantly see them attack us in other areas, like the Banking sector, the Health insurance industry, the Military industrial Complex that uses our kids as fodder sent to die in their wars, the apparent ‘War on Women’, their attack on Teachers and our children’s education…  Yes indeed, the Republicans are on the attack, undermining America from within. Don’t be fooled by their words…See them by their actions. In God’s eyes, that is evil.

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  1. Your GOD says Republicans are evil. Republicans say their God says Democrats are immoral.
    Leave God out of it. He has nothing to do with the lies of politicians.
    Use God to prove your side is correct, and God is on your side.
    Sick bastard!

    1. He has nothing to do with it?? Obviously you know a very limited amount about gods.