Thursday, April 26, 2012

Conservatives' War On Children.

If you thought that Conservatives were heartless by waging their war on women, then you are really going to be angry when you realize they are in fact also waging a war on your children. Their actions have very specific consequences and it it quite clear that they are going after the most vulnerable among us; the children. 

To start with, their voter suppression and voter ID laws among other things, are meant to disenfranchise the youth vote as most youth tend to vote Democratic. Many of us have or know a teen who has become of age to exercise their right to vote, a right; the act of true freedom, that conservatives are willing to take away in their bid to defeat President Obama.

Their promises to end the President's Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is yet another vile attempt to prevent the youth from having the health care they need. As we all know Obamacare allows kids to be covered on their parents' insurance until the age of 26, this is a time during which kids are in or just coming out of College, are looking for a job and does not yet have health insurance. 

President Obama is currently making the rounds to campuses trying to get in touch with the youth vote, a vote that is responsible for him winning in the last election. The President had a large ground force that 'rocked the vote',  to the disgust of conservatives who treat the youth; the future of our country as if they are but mindless peons who are just intended to be the fodder in their wars or the uninsured 'freelance' worker, as is the new craze among many large companies...including my own.

It is going to be a crazy ride for kids who are about to see their tuition costs rise with the new interest rate hike due to take effect in a few months if something is not done to stop it. We all know the political football the issue can soon become at the hands of the Conservatives. College loans range from $30,000 to $100,000 of debt after college. The latter for each of my two college kids in my case.

 Bloomberg's BusinessWeek.Com reports..."With Obama drawing attention to the issue, Congress began moving on legislation to prevent the loan rate from rising, with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, and House Speaker John Boehner, an Ohio Republican, promising legislation this week." 

When the Conservatives cut or whittle down on the food stamp programs, school breakfast and lunch programs, they are in fact attacking our children. Their heartless cuts mean that thousands of innocent children go hungry everyday and that in fact has devastating affects on their ability to study. This is something that augers well for Conservatives, who their actions suggest are just interested in growing an army of uneducated youth zombies to work at their  companies or go off as fodder, to fight in their wars. 

The Washington post reports..."The battle over the annual spending bills comes as House Republicans are moving on a separate track to target food stamps, federal employee pensions, tax breaks for illegal immigrants and subsidies under Obama’s health care law in a multifaceted drive to swap cuts to domestic programs for big Pentagon cuts scheduled next year."

We see the Dream Act and the nightmare it has turned out to be for the youth at the hands of the Conservatives who say getting an education is just being a 'snob' as Rick Santorum said...something that was heartily cheered in conservative circles, who have had this view for a long time, with many conservative sources encouraging home schooling as they try to eliminate public schooling in favor of charter schools.

There are thousands of girls that are under the age of what is thought to be sexually active, who are using birth control pills for the simple reason that they have a medical need for the active ingredient in the pill, which is Estrogen. These young women are not using the pill to have unlimited sex as is bandied about by Conservative radio and TV hosts on the airwaves, they really do need the pill to save their lives and have needed and used the Estrogen pill for decades. 

There is a war being waged by the heartless Conservatives...and it is against the best and brightest of is against our children.

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