Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sarah Palin Disappoints ...

Sarah Palin was as much a disappointment as many of her detractors hoped and said she would be. For most of her time on the Today Show she was quite the run of the mill anchor...until the subject of the movie Game Change was brought up.

She said that she had not seen the movie, nor would she 'waste' her time to see the movie; a movie of 'lies' she said, but thought Julianne Moore was not good, which unless she is psychic, means she lied again and has seen the movie.

This was a comment that was not missed on 'Morning Joe' and the cast of that show had their laughs with the comment, kicking it around like a soccer ball. 

The Wall Street Journal graciously puts it like this...'
Matt asks her what she thought of Julianne Moore playing her in the recent HBO movie "Game Change."
Palin gives the thumbs down.
Palin says that she didn't watch "Game Change" ("I wouldn't waste my time seeing the movie") but she adds "I do have to admit that Tina Fey has been pretty funny."

As expected, Sarah did not surprise us with her lies about the movie and this put her back in the same box of idiocy she so desperately tries to climb out of. What a shame, I was hoping she would stick with the truth.

Here is the Link to the video clip...

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  1. "I was hoping she would stick with the truth."

    Man, you're an optimist. I was hoping that I'd win the lottery this weekend, even though I forgot to buy a ticket. I think we both had about the same chance.