Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mitt Romney Is A Trojan Horse!

Willard 'Mitt' Romney may not be a regular American, there are not many in the circles he keeps. Being a regular, run of the mill American entails more than just having been born here, it means being connected to the US enough to actually care for what happens to its citizens. He is an American by birth but that's where his loyalties to America ends. He is the Thurston Howell III on Gilligan's Island that we all grew up frowning at. He is one of an elite class of people, who because of their wealth, is above the class of the regular people that we are. 

In fact, we regular people do not see the elite class Mitt belongs to very often, if at many among us fly to Monaco, the Greek islands or the other exotic places around the world, so we can be in their royal company? We probably get a glimpse of them sometimes, when their limo pulls up on the tarmac and they walk from the car to their waiting private jet, but that's as much as we regular people know of or ever see of this elusive and untamed elite globetrotting class, of which Willard is a card carrying member...that card being a black American Express unlimited credit card. also known as a Centurion card.

Reading the specs of the card as put forth by the issuer, American Express will open a new world to you...the world of the Global Elite...The "Centurion" card is invitation-only after appropriate net worth, credit and spending criteria are met. American Express does not publicly disclose the requirements for getting a card. American Express does, however, describe their Centurion members as "super-affluent high net worth individuals on a continual quest for the best and most exclusive. They own companies and frequently travel; they define success. Exceptionally discerning and style-conscious, Centurion readers are global players who gain truly worldwide access to the inaccessible. They do not compromise and expect only the highest level of personal commitment from those around them: individually tailored service, unlimited financial power, exclusive travel benefits, global access and influence. Centurion is more than just a Card: it’s a global community of the highest earners and spenders on the market. To receive Centurion Magazine, one must be a Centurion Member from American Express: an individual who can afford virtually anything. The card itself is the world’s most exclusive, offered by invitation only and at a high annual fee."

These global elites could be considered the farm owners, with their farm pens being the individual countries that house the livestock and we my friends are indeed... the livestock that they feed off and profit from. How many of us pay $10,000 per night to stay in lofty suites around the globe, or make $10,000 bets with a Mitt tried to do with Rick Perry.

Real Americans care for their fellow countrymen. Real Americans are the people who actually try to care for and help the lesser able among us. Mitt and his elite class of friends are not affected by what happens in America or any other country of their birth for that matter, because they are the filthy rich and powerful who are above feeling the poverty the rest of us in the US and the globe feels. 

Recessions do not touch Mitt 'Thurston' Romney or these other global elites, but simply serve to change their maids and gardeners who serve in their sprawling worldwide mansions. With the 2010 income growth stats reporting 93% going to the top 1% and the conservatives' cutting of programs that aid the poor we can see that the elite class is indeed winning the class warfare, as they have always done, albeit secretly in the past. 

Class warfare is now a familiar dinner table topic discussed in many homes, as the realization among the American people is that the Republican/conservatives are now and have for the longest while been doing the work of the elite class and multinational corporations, making the laws that benefit them against the welfare of the middle class and poorer American people.

Globally throughout the ages,there have traditionally been an elite class and a Royal class above them, that has run the world in everything from business to religion. There are now in the 21st century, multinational corporations joining that upper echelon. There are no American corporations anymore seeking the well being of their workers, there are now only a few American companies left who, when they expand will simply go the way of others before them and join the global marketplace and become multinational corporations themselves. We are on our own!

This is the way of big business and every country has now just become the stores in a global strip-mall in which multinational Corporations shop...or suck the life blood and mineral wealth (oil and minerals) out of. Mitt Romney is the poster child for this new class of 'elites'...they are the multinational bloodsuckers that fire American workers and ship jobs overseas to other countries, where they plunder the countries' riches and live lavish lifestyles above the din of the working class. They, like Sean Hannity actually know lots of people who eat rice and beans too, they are the maids and gardeners on their sprawling mansions.  

The important thing to remember with Mitt's bid for the President's office is that if he is elected, he will be in a position to place some key judges in the Supreme court as there may be at least two vacancies opening within the next four years. He will be able to turn the court into a conservative 'yes man' type of  a kangaroo court which will simply echo the wishes of the corporations who are owned by the elite class. If you think that your 401k puts you into the elite class, then you are mistaken. We are the 'rice and beans' class.

It is imperative that the elite Mitt Romney and his ruling class does not win the White House, as we the 'rice and beans' class will never realize the American Dream at their hands, or at the hands of their puppets...the Republican/Conservative politicians and the Supreme Court. The Citizens United ruling has already opened the door for the global elite class to funnel money into the Presidential elections and effect change that will benefit them globally.

Mitt Romney is a Trojan horse who pretends to feel the anguish of the American people but he is just pretending...he is a Trojan horse who will sell us down the drain of poverty, with the same failed policies that Bush used to get us into this recession in the first place. He is a Trojan horse for the global elites who he rubs shoulders with, who he hobnobs with,  who he snubs us with,  we who he sees when he and his elite friends look back from the tarmac while boarding their private jets...that's who he is. Don't let them win.

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  1. I like your metaphor, but I think there is a deeper plan and when Rmoney is discovered as a Trojan Horse (that is, he can keep the country occupied with his upper-class gaffes, but can't win as he really is), during the late summer as Obama's poll numbers rise, they will spring the real candidate on us as their knight in shining armor come to save the day.

    And my guess it will be the completely refurbished Jebbie - no longer seen as just another corrupt Bush - but now the savior of the Rethuglican Wrecking Crew.

    There is always a backup plan (and a backup to the backup); Rove is still in charge. He's still the biggest "brain" they have and he's not afraid to show it.

    Hang on. MayDay starts the heat tomorrow. By August, it'll be sizzling.

    Love ya,


  2. Wow, very shallow and worldly viewed article. On the flip side, do you view all unemployed as worthless good for nothings who - "plunder the countries' riches" because they don't fall under the working class? Pursuit of Happiness cannot be purchased or given away though the distribution of wealth. You assume too much about what Romney does with his money and time. I don't see Romney golfing, vacationing, campaigning and screwing around at sporting events when the country is struggling economically. I see him working his ass off like he's done his whole career to solve the economic and social problems of our country and doing all he can to put people to work.

  3. "I see him working his ass off like he's done his whole career "
    I see the same thing you do, but you dishonestly hide the fact that his career entails firing people and shipping jobs overseas. That is his job, his career. That is just evil, no matter which religion you believe in.