Friday, May 11, 2012

To my departed Brother... Adieu

My big brother had a heart attack on Monday, his funeral service is today, Friday May 11th, 2012. I wrote this poem for him...

 Death, is a doorway
We know not, where it may lead
When you enter, dear Brother

Time and space hold no boundaries
It’s your love, that we all feel
You will always be with us
Not a memory, but for real

My heart bursting with sorrow
My eyes flooding with tears
I remember our journey
I look back on those years

Your beauty ran deep
You were a giant asleep
In a new world you’ll wake
Your rightful place, you’ll now take

No more dragons to slay
No more debtors to pay
No more Angst or Riot
Only sweet peace I pray

Alas, your great time
Has now come and past
You left us your love,
You are free, at long last

I cried no, no not now
Your time’s not yet come
But if not now, then when?
Time is too short for some

Farewell my dear Brother
So you start a new life
Away from your loved ones
Away from the strife

I bid you Adieu
See you later, farewell
When next shall we meet?
Only sweet time will tell

That day will be happy
Full of joy and delight
But for now it’s Adieu
Farewell and Goodnight.


  1. So beautiful a remembrance.

    You've touched my heart.

    I'm so sorry for your loss; my sister has terminal cancer, so I ready myself for that day by reading evocative poetry such as yours.

    Your brother was a lucky man to have you for a brother.

    Much love,


    1. Thank you Suzan, blessings to you and your sister, she is lucky to have you.

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  3. Wow! thanks for sharing bro.
    My heart goes out to your loss.
    Beautiful words and a fine send off
    to your brother.

  4. So Beautiful, so sorry, we can feel your pain and we share it. So sorry for your loss!