Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What Some Dems Don't Get About Gay Marriage.

I thought the Republicans/Conservatives/Birthers/Teabaggers had the trophy in being blind to the obvious but I guess I thought too soon. Apparently the Dems are following the 'right' in being totally wrong on the issue of Gay Marriage. There are a large number of Democrats who say they are not going to vote for President Obama and will instead vote for Mitt Romney or just stay home, effectively giving Romney a boost in the election.

While listening to Rev. Al Sharpton's radio show I heard the clearest and most simple reason why these people who are affected so much by the President's decision to support Gay marriage are dead wrong... The medications will kill you faster than the disease.

I personally avoid many medications because the side effects are worse than the reason you want to take the medications in the first place. This is true for many medications on the market today and it is the biggest reason why people must vote for President Obama.
This same reasoning applies to the issue of Gay marriage; voting for Romney or supporting him by staying home will help you get your way in that one issue, but with that bitter medication will come a plethora of bad side effects that no sane person wants.

Romney will give us everything that Democrats fight against, he will bring back the same failed policies that Bush used to bankrupt America. He will attack Social Security, Healthcare and everything else the middle class depends on to keep the  US strong and progressing out of the recession. He will continue giving tax cuts to the rich while cutting every program that is useful to the poor.

There are many Black and Hispanic leaders in the churches who are adamant about what they will do to give Romney the upper hand in the election, because they think their religion demands it, even though they have seen that their own churches have changed the rules as the centuries changed and the public likewise changed their minds and the laws on so many issues, like slavery, women' s rights, civil rights and most of the hundreds of laws in Leviticus.

These church leaders are stuck on Gay marriage and are willing to sell the country down the drain because they want to inflict their brand of religious law upon the rest of us...following the Republicans who are against Gay marriage, down that same dark alley but opposing the President for a whole set of different reasons. In the Republican's eyes, it has more to do with regaining power and opposing anything the President wants, than doing what is good and decent.

These miscalculating Democrats will all but ensure the destruction of the US,  just to get their ticket into heaven, claiming their pound of flesh at the expense of the American people and all the dreams that we hold on to, for our children and their futures, while feeding the rest of us to the dogs that will surely bite us and them in the asses. 

I have to ask... how much do they hate America to warrant supporting Romney just to exercise their religious or homophobic hatred of LGBT people and Gay marriage? Be careful what you wish for...

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