Thursday, May 24, 2012

Church Stands Behind "Queer" Fencing Pastor. Protests Planned For Upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.

In a not so surprising development of events, CNN reported on their morning show 'Starting Point with Soledad O'Brien" that the Pastor who had this offensive rant in his Mother's Day sermon about putting Gay people behind electric fences and feeding them for years until they died out is getting for the most part the full support of the town's church going crowd.

The CNN reporter who is in the town covering the story, has actually been restricted by Police,  from stepping on the Pastor's property in order to approach his home to get an interview. The reporter and his crew would be arrested if they set foot on the property.

The town has numerous signs that read "Welcome, Home of the old time religion" ...that says a lot. Leviticus is indeed alive and well.  Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church. Located in Maiden, North Carolina, is really pleased and tickled pink about the response and push back he is getting from his Mother's day sermon.

There will be protests  happening against the Church and the Pastor  during the upcoming  Memorial Day weekend, although it may be held at the Town Hall instead of the Church because of the large crowd that is anticipated to gather. There are also expected to be many of the church's faithful who will be protesting against the protesters, as we have  seen is the norm for this kind of event.

This backward view of Gay Americans coupled with the hatred and anger directed at them and indeed the perceived 'extermination' of Gays that is being encouraged by those in Republican/Conservative/Religious circles suggests a larger problem of hatred in this country that will destroy America from within if it is not stopped in its tracks.

This Pastor's  comment that the President is  for Gay Marriage at the beginning of his rant,  makes a clear and direct connection between his type of hateful religious fervor and the politics he endorses to his congregation, who all yell 'yea' when he spoke.

The calm and hubris exercised by those on the right when it comes to doing the 'Christian" thing and hating those of us who do not fall into their religious 'camp'  is startling. One resident who is yet an undeclared Lesbian living in the town,  has attended the church for years and has heard many sermons by Pastor Worley, she has deemed it imperative to stay extremely quiet and anonymous when it comes to letting the townsfolk know that she is a Lesbian... insisting that CNN blur her face and features when filming her interview for the story which was aired on Thursday morning.

I get the image in my head of the townsfolk hunting Frankenstein with pitchforks and machetes in the dark of night, like in those old movies...only problem is the 'Frankensteins' are real people who are just different to them.

What a shame that this is where we have reached in America. What a shame for the country and what a shame for Christianity which is so much better and so much more than this backward Pastor and his disciples portray.

This is the video of this crazy Pastor and his evil rant...

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