Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mitt Romney, Bain, Reagan And Salvadoran Death Squads...

Mitt Romney had strong financial support in the early days of Bain Capital from some pretty secretive people in his past, people linked to the famous death squads of El Salvador. There were many powerful Salvadoran families in the 1980's who having made large sums of money through various means, needed a way to move the money out of the country and invest it in more 'legitimate' ventures, an effort to 'clean' the funds and make them grow in a legal way.

The  1980's was a time of great turmoil in El Salvador resulting in the deaths of  more than 70,000 people, with assassinations, death squads, and every other bad thing under the sun happening all at once in the country... the Reagan Administration working with the powers in control of the country at that time, did many things  that do not look so good on paper, now that the truth is being dug up due to Mitt's run for the presidency.

The Reagan Administration's dealings with the government provided the cover and connections needed for the powerful oligarchy to move money into many American ventures, including a certain new and budding  Bain Capital, through a fresh and young Mitt Romney, who was just cutting his teeth in the vulture capitalism arena at the time...

"Back in 1984, wealthy Salvadoran families were looking for safe investments as violence and upheaval engulfed the country. The war, which pitted leftist guerrillas against a right-wing government backed by the Reagan administration, ultimately left over 70,000 people dead in the tiny nation before the United Nations brokered a peace deal in 1992. The vast majority of violence, a UN truth commission later found, was committed by rightist death squads and the military, which received U.S. training and $6 billion in military and economic aid. The Reagan administration feared that El Salvador could become a foothold for Communists in Central America."

"A Costa Rica-born Bain official named Harry Strachan invited friends and former clients in Central America to a presentation about the fund with Romney in Miami. The group found his presentation impressive and “signed up for 20% of the fund,” according to Strachan’s memoir. That was about $6.5 million, according to the Globe. Bain partners themselves were putting up half the money, according to Strachan. Thus the Central American investors had contributed 40 percent of the outside capital."

Apparently Mitt Romney had no problem taking what is arguably blood money, to do his vulture capital investments...this is not the guy you want as President of the free world.

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