Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Comment to a friend

I know you are going through a hard time, but be happy to be alive and that's all. For now... Please understand, We did not bring anything when we came to this world, and we will carry nothing physical when we leave. Things/people have to run their own courses, from hard times to disease to death. Don't stress over them as they all came to Earth to do many things... their own things, so don't fight too hard to change people. I wrote in my book that on a sinking ship, the more Gold you grab, the less your ability to take things that will not drown you.
When you stop path A from proceeding, then you do not get the good results of that path later down the road. You end up on path B and with a different set of results. Change what you can within reason, If you try to save everyone from themselves, including the teenagers, you will be doing them a disservice as they will not get into the bad situations that they need to, to learn things, you will be putting them on their path B...instead, leave them on their path A...within reason. I also have two teenagers. I learned about life the hard way, and it works, the bad things teach you...sometimes. Regarding the hubby, let things stay quiet for some time, give him time and space, to find and feel his inner self, while you do, take time for your own self,then things usually...gradually unfolds and you both see your paths more clearly. Which could mean staying together or not, but remember that life is the more precious thing... not relationships. Some people are dependent on relationships to live instead of being dependent on living in order to have many relationships. Can't you love someone else or are you dependent on him for happiness? Happiness comes from within, not from a relationship with anyone...including lovers, children or parents.

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