Monday, January 18, 2010


Hi folks, for the start of 2010, I would like to ask you all to seek a higher wisdom than most of you have recieved in the past from your various religions. There are various religions and then there is the truth, they are both different and separate of each other. The truth never changes and it applies to the whole Universe, whereas religions only apply to your little neck of the woods. The truth says that Jesus and Mohammed were both enlightened beings who tried to teach the truth to the people of Earth. After their deaths, writers made the scriptures and misunderstood what the teachings were, so they mistakingly made religion what it is today. There is no religion in the Universe, and the force that we call God, here on Earth, does not exist as we think it does in the Universe. The truth is much larger than religion and much greater in it's application to life here on Earth and elsewhere in the Universe, in varying degrees of spiritual density and dimensions. It would be wise for everyone to understand that religion can be a stepping stone to understanding the truth, which is the door that you have been brought to by religion. Jesus said one should open the door, as there is much to learn and time goes by swiftly in the life of humans. We do not only live and exist on this Earth, but we are inhabitants of this Universe, so you must seek for the truth that can be applied to the whole of the Universe, this is obviously a truth that is greater than any Earthly religion can fathom or address.


  1. Very good advice, my friend. Humans are all too quick to glorify the particular/fear totality. And, yes, oft-times the consequences of this are very severe.....P.S. Thanks for the visit on my site. While you may not always agree with me, I hope that you see that I'm fair/consistent (or at least I always try to be).

  2. WOW! Someone who thinks along the same lines I do! I'm following your blog and will drop by often.

  3. Welcome Gents, Thank you for visiting, I am honored to have you here.
    Will, from what I have seen, you are a really fair person and that is what I respect. I like intelligence and truth and you seem quite centered in that respect. If we all agreed everytime then this would not be a Democracy so I enjoy the differing views we sometimes have. That is refreshing if we maintain the dignity and respect to see each other's side.
    Hey Beach Bum, welcome.I have to tell you that I am really happy to have someone think like I do, it gets lonely sometimes. So are you actively deployed somewhere or are you retired military?
    Whatever it is ...Thank you man, I O U and our troops a lot...because of you guys/gals... I am safe and my family thanks you too. I am publishing my first book and I can't wait to send you an autographed copy, trust me it will knock your socks off!
    Don't worry will, as my first visitors (other than lydia) I will be sending both of you signed copies. Hope to have it out by march.

  4. My politics, Teeluck, are very idiosyncratic. On social issues and civil liberties, I'm probably as liberal as anybody. On military matters and foreign policy, it sounds like we agree very much. This, in that I'm for a very limited utilization of American military power. I was full-throttle against the Iraq War from day one. And while I was initially in favor of military intervention in Afghanistan, I pretty much think that the window there is closing. Ergo, I'm against the President's/McChrystal's surge strategy (instead, I advocate high tech, intelligence, and special ops). As for the economy/health-care/energy, on these issues I tend to far more of a centrist. And, yes, it is on these matters that I tend to get into some trouble with the left. I am, however, an open-minded person and on these and other issues I always advocate that the 2 parties work together.....I'm an independent, in other words.