Thursday, January 21, 2010

Republican Success

The party of NO is full of dishonest tricksters who do not like the American people as much as they like taking their orders from the Corporations. The Republicans are so idiotic that they did not make an attempt to pass a good healthcare package while they were in power. They did not support the troops when Bush refused to raise the troops' pay by just enough for them to buy a case of beer. They ruled without any bipartisan ways that would profit the America they lie to us about caring for. They are not Republican Patriots but instead are Republican Treasonists. Their supporters are too lazy to think past their noses, as a result they swallow any BS that the Republican Party shovels down their throats, in the guise of doing something for the country. These Republicans, no matter how much they think they love this country, are just liars if they stay silent and do not raise their voices when their party does ill for the country while enforcing the Corporations strangle hold on America. Bush's eight years saw them successful in everything the Republican party wanted to achieve, and what was the result for America? The results are all too familiar now... the total destruction of the middle class, the biggest depression in my opinion,since the Great Depression, millions losing their life savings and their homes, countless lives lost from Republican Foreign Policies, world hatred making us unsafe anywhere we travel throughout the world, the creation of hundreds of thousands of new terrorists throughout the world where there was only dozens or hundreds worldwide before. That is what Republicans wanted...all those who did not stop supporting the party by leaving the party, were silent supporters, but supporters just the same. They are still destroying this beautiful America, because they are still supporting the Treasonous Republican party. Actions speak louder than words.

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