Monday, July 15, 2013

Would Republicans Still Be OK With The Verdict If George Zimmerman Was A Muslim Or An Illegal Immigrant? Remember The Ten Commandments?

Since the not guilty verdict handed down in the trial of George Zimmerman for his controversial killing of Trayvon Martin, the media world has been inundated with opinions for and against the decision. One fact has remained amazingly clear though, politically, those for and against the verdict are as opposite as night and day, Republican and Democrat, or in this (victim) and white (killer.)

The self proclaimed white shooter George Zimmerman is after-all an average American who is not out of the ordinary when it comes to looks or anything else you would imagine. His character leaves a lot to be desired apparently as he plainly did not see the invaluable potential of any 17 year old that he might otherwise encounter as he did not think twice to shoot the last one he saw on that fateful night... point blank in the heart.

One glaring but not unexpected fact is that the majority of Republicans expressing their opinions have so far overwhelmingly taken the not guilty verdict as acceptable and correct... in sharp contrast to their Democratic counterparts across the aisle. 

Most Republicans/Conservatives are Christians who I hope pride themselves in following the good word... well, used to pride themselves, because they broke the commandment when they started this ridiculous support of Zimmerman. He killed and broke the commandments that Christians hold sacred... he killed unnecessarily and they support him and his crime, they are now accomplices in the eyes of their religion... they are cursed to go to hell, in their religious teachings.

Even though most Republicans are so vehemently and publicly against Muslims, immigrants and for the most part non whites, they remain glued to foreign owned Fox News, which has at least two majority owners who are both not of American origin. 

Rupert Murdoch is an Australian businessman who is a majority owner of Fox and his biggest single co-owner is a Saudi prince. From one of my previous pieces..."The Saudi Prince in Question is Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal, the same guy who after 9/11, offered then Mayor Rudy Giuliani $10 million and the offer was at that time refused. This Prince is a large investor in companies like Goldman Sachs…a staple in America’s Financial Empire.
This Saudi Prince has recently been outed on Fox News, as being a key Donor of funds for the Mosque being built at it’s current approved site two blocks from Ground Zero, by the Prince’s  Kingdom Foundation. He funds Charities who make “Donations” to Suicide Bombers’ Families. " 

Knowing that the majority of Republicans are anti Muslim, anti sharia, anti immigrant, anti gay, anti free thought, anti abortion, anti women's rights and largely anti social to anyone but their own hypocritical types, I am still waiting to see who will be the first Republican brave enough to be anti party-line, break Republican ranks and come out against the controversial verdict. 

Republicans are famous for circling the wagons when opposed and they seem to be doing just that around Zimmerman, but as my title suggests... I wonder what they would have done if the shooter was a Muslim or Illegal immigrant... makes you think doesn't it...

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