Friday, December 13, 2013

So You've Told Us About Your Little Rape Sob Story...

Unfortunately that nonchalant tone, is what was echoed by their vote to the courageous Michigan State Senator Gretchen Whitmer after she told her fellow lawmakers that she had been raped... something she had painfully revealed to them, instead of even her own father.

To me that is as serious and painful as a heart attack... because I have a daughter and I think I can somehow understand what it would feel like to hear this kind of news, this is what fathers fear most, for their vulnerable, innocent little girls.

She put her papers down and stopped reading from her prepared statements... she then spoke to them as a mother of two girls... from the heart... I love and respect this courageous woman...

From The Rachel Maddow show... "For those you who want to act aghast that I’d use a term like “rape insurance” to describe the proposal here in front of us, you should be even more offended that it’s an absolutely accurate description of what this proposal requires. This tells women that were raped and became pregnant that they should have bought special insurance for it. By moving forward on this initiative, Senate Republicans want to essentially require Michigan women to plan ahead and financially invest in healthcare coverage for potentially having their bodies violated and assaulted. Even worse, it would force parents to have similar and unthinkably terrible discussions about planning the same for their daughters. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: This is by far one of the most misogynistic proposals I’ve ever seen in the Michigan legislature."

As expected, the recounting of that terrible act upon State Senator Gretchen Whitmer had little or no effect on the vote that took place afterward... a 'happy' vote by Republicans...a vote so heinous, so evil... a vote in support of rape.

This will now surely raise the ugly head of the Republican's prized serpent, their 'War on women,' an issue that the Republicans/Conservatives have been trying to hide from the public, after some noted republicans voiced their support for rape in all its forms around the country in the recent past.

I'm sure that I need not remind you of one such Republican, Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Murdock who echoed the sentiment of his fellow Republicans when he revealed to us that rape was a gift from his god...

Yet another Republican madman, Todd Aiken, informed us that there was indeed in their world something called 'Legitimate rape'... a claim echoed by his good friend, then GOP Vice Presidential Candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)...

From "Earlier today, Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) claimed that “legitimate rape” does not often lead to pregnancy because “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” This is not the first time the biologically challenged senate candidate tried to minimize the impact of rape. Last year, Akin joined with GOP vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as two of the original co-sponsors of the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act,” a bill which, among other things, introduced the country to the bizarre term “forcible rape.”

We see this type of legislative attack happening in Republican/Conservative circles all around the country... this is the best reason to be wary of them, and vote them out... as they happily slog along, trying to destroy the backbone of our country... our women.

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