Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bill Cosby Guilty... And Wins!!

Let me validate my claim... I am old school. In the court of Grandma's old school lessons, you silently admit your guilt if you do not defend yourself by saying, if not proving, that you are innocent. Grandma still has a lot to teach us but this one, this issue of guilt or innocence, is a lesson that has been well known and well taught by Grandmas all over the world... 'Child... did you do this?... No Grandma... it was Ben...or no Grandma it was broken before I got here...'

Now at that point in Grandma's scary interrogation, she is not as much concerned in the crime or mishap, as she is in instilling honor and truthfulness in this, her future champion who may go on someday to become the hero of many, a hero who will be able to lead mobs, crowds ...countries.

Going by Grandma's reasoning, Bill Cosby is painting himself to seem guilty simply because he has not yet been able to say to the public, the Grandmas, that he is innocent and defend himself from the public accusations laid out against him. 

He made a famous quip a few years ago where he admonished black families and admonished individuals for being shot in the back of the head by the police for stealing poundcake. '...what was he doing with the poundcake in his hand?' he said to a laughing audience.

Well Dr. Huck... you have been burdened now by the accusation of having said poundcake in your hand... what do you say to Granny... guilty or not guilty... you must know, Granny always has a switch in her hand and she is not famous for her patience, but rather is famous for her lack of accepting some long winded BS excuse, so when you faced Grandma, you had better come good or don't come at all. 

In Grandma's world view, which in this case is the court of public opinion, you are not innocent until proven guilty... you are just in a neutral corner, and only for a few fleeting seconds mind you. Grandma and the public court both, move swiftly if they smell a lie, or an attempt to cover up a truth, so time with Granny is always short and running out. Yes she might be old and her feet are aching and she wants to sit down, so that pain in her hip, makes her demand swiftness in resolving the issue. The public's pain is in separating their love for fictitious Dr. Huckstable and their want to hold on to their respect and love for you Bill Cosby, that they've held close through the years.

So why do I say that Cosby wins? Well it goes to the larger picture that this world is now interconnected and even though we see in the US, companies cancelling his shows and distancing themselves and their products from him, sadly all Bill Cosby has to do is perform his art outside the USA, in multiple countries where the female person is not recognized for her humanity, her ability and potential or the fact that she is the pillar in the lives of young children. 

He may go to African nations, Middle Eastern nations, and many other places around the world where a goat or cow is considered more precious than an educated female child... that is the reality now. Obviously the same companies who are boycotting him in the US, will be clamoring over each other to bankroll him out there. 

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