Thursday, March 26, 2015

Obama's Mom VS Ted Cruz's Mom...

Well, I know that you have no idea what to expect with a title like that, so here goes. As many of you would have found out by now, Ted Cruz has said that he is in the running for the 2016 Presidential race. The first question on everyone's lips is where is his birth certificate? 

As you know Teddy-boy was born in Canada. He is the product of a Cuban father and an American mother. Unfortunately for Ted, he apparently was not made aware that he had no standing to run for the office of the President just based on that simple fact of being a Canadian by birth, not born on an American military base or Embassy, who has an American mother.

We know this to be true because as you know Republicans do not lie and everyone of them alive on this planet made that fact abundantly clear when another person of mixed race was elected as President in 2008. This issue you will remember was picked apart with a fine toothed comb by every Republican who had an extra breath in their lungs. 

We were forced to see them attempt to drag the President through the mud in every conceivable way and even produce his birth certificate as proof, which he did of course. The trouble is I have looked and listened to all republican/conservative television and radio hosts and their commentators, who all conclude that Ted is cleared to run in 2016 simply because his mother is an American.

So the question is how did Ted get cleared because of his mom and the President did not? Could it be that the moms had nothing to do with the blockage after all, and it was really the dads? Ted's dad was from Communist Cuba while the President's dad was from Kenya... need I say more? It looks like the Republicans clearly prefer those from Communist backgrounds as opposed to the other...hmmmm.

The bigger bombshell of course is if as Ted's situation suggests, anyone born anywhere outside American soil, foreign or domestic and has an American mother, will be able to run for the office of the President. This new republican rule of inclusion sets up a scenario for long lines of potential foreign Presidential hopefuls.... I look forward to the next brilliant Republican idea...

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