Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Trump Is Just A Hail Mary Pass By Ashamed Republican Voters.

I am thinking that all the pundits got it half right. Yes, republican voters are angry because they have been the laughing stock for the past 15 years. They have been proven or at least been rumored to be the non-knowing group of Americans who constantly vote against their better interest. That is the half they got right.

The other side of the coin is that republican voters have learned to become embarrassed and ashamed, and many don't like the mirror anymore... or at least what they see in that mirror.

This is information they are slowly awaking to... because for the last 14 years, since 9/11,  they have been using the Internet more and more and now have smart phones and they have since heard a constant faint drumbeat in the background. That faint and haunting drumbeat of criticism brings the realization that a blinding light is now shone on them...the whole world can see them, and see what they do and also see what they have done.

To begin with, what they have done is they elected the most arguably unqualified person in the form of George 'Dubya' Bush to lead the free world and he broke it... with their blessing. 

He ignored the warning about 9/11 and thereby let it happen, which in essence turned the world upside down because he used the attack to launch two wars and spent much blood and treasure. Demolition evidence suggests and some conspiratory theorists conclude, that this went well, according to PNAC's plan.

He then had the worst recession since the last depression... which all but sealed the fate of the world at large. As fast as the chips fell in the American economy, it plummeted just as fast in global markets. Some economies have still not recovered.

Bush destroyed countries in the blink of an eye... all to satisfy the hunger of the military industrial complex.

This is important because until Bush, the republican voter could have still held their heads high and simply say that they have different ideas to anyone who disagreed with them. But now the shoe has dropped, they slowly realize that they are blamed for the error of the Bush rampage through the corridors of idiocy. As Bush ran through the ward, he took the voting base right along with him. 

To everyone, the patients running the ward was just the punchline of a silly joke... until now, until they were made to look in the mirror, through the mirror of the Internet world. That slow and careful look in the mirror is always a hard thing to face... and realize you are the fault, for voting that person into office... and then he broke the world.

Since Bush's reign of terror, the republican voter has seen the world change so rapidly because of what was left of the wounded world. The reinvigorated push-back by the whole world, against most of what republicans stand for, has opened their eyes... just a little. 

They still want to go back to the old ways, in a long lost century, when there was no internet... not much electricity... where women could stick some aspirin between their legs for birth control... where rape had its legitmacy... where it was ok for family to mingle... in the dark...

We see a new hope for the world now, with a new Pope. A Pope with eyes wide open making sweeping changes in this now broken world. Opening other's eyes... making amends.

We see the first black American President, making even more sweeping and most welcome changes. More changes than anyone thought was possible for a Captain of a half sunken ship. They both come together to give us this one message... 'On a sinking ship, the more gold you grab, the less your ability to swim... In life, take things that would not drown you.'

We see on social media that republicans are being schooled now more than ever, and unlike 20 years ago when it was just non republicans in their hometowns attempting to school them verbally, now it is people from all over this precious globe. That is a loud voice that can't be ignored. When you see this uproar against your policies in writing, and in every corner of the Internet... you can't escape it unless you throw away your smart phone, of keep your computer and TV turned off. They feel ashamed... they hear the voices.

So republican voters have just gotten the message, they now look at their new field of 2016 presidential candidates, and they do not like what they see. They see a bunch of broken people with the same old broken ideas, the same old broken policies, and the same old broken talking points... they still like it, but they know they look less than smart to the rest of the world.

This is why they are throwing a Hail Mary pass, and are supporting Donald Trump right now. They know he is a clown, but he is just different to the rest of what people call 'the clown car,' even though he is just a magnification of their very disillusioned best... he is the ultimate old, white, rich man.

They don't care what he says, he has dropped the pretense that he needs to be apologetic, he is brash and ill mannered, he does not believe in God, as he believes he does not need to ask or get forgiveness from God. He has donated many dollars in the past to buy favors from politicians, yet he says he will be honest and not be bought by other rich men.

He does not need to have brainy ideas as he believes he can pay the best thinkers to do his thinking for him. He understands that business runs the world, but he misunderstands this to mean that he can buy hearts, minds and souls with business. 

He does not believe in Socialism but wants to save everyone... says he has a heart. I think that is a social idea. I think that's what Jesus would do... save everyone with his big heart. He thinks he does not need to be a humble man as all good Christians are, or are supposed to be. 

He does not have to be smart enough to know that a wall can be tunnelled under. He does not have to be smart enough to know that they have shovels in Mexico. He has already forgotten the lessons of the last two big prison breaks, the one in upstate New York and the other in Mexico by 'El Chapo.' Maybe he is smart enough to know, and is just fooling his voters.

He does not need to know anything... republican voters don't care much for knowing things, as long as he can reflect something back to them that does not remind them of ...them. They have always bought the idea that they can each become a millionaire and need to give the millionaires a tax break, or an estate tax break... just in case they come by the odd million dollars, or two.

They feel the need to distance themselves from their past mistakes and bad decisions with the votes for candidates that they really wanted at the time. They were not careful of what they wished for, and they got it, each obviously disappointing time.

They see themselves reflected in a dysfunctional congress because they have been branded as the party of 'No.'

They are embarrassed and ashamed. That is why they need Trump, to help them save face as the world looks on. The first half is nearly over as the teams have been picked, and are on the field playing ball... and their team looks like a weak one, one that could lose... again.

First they lost to a black man, now they could lose to a woman, or worse yet... a socialist! So they need this Hail Mary pass...in the darkness that is their world view, with glorious war at every turn...  they desperately need it... he can provide it... he is the rich and glorious Donald Trump!!

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