Saturday, August 27, 2016

Immigrants Are America's New Hope

It is troubling that immigrants in America have been facing a new wave of hateful verbal attacks from Republican sources led by Donald Trump and his surrogates. It is even more troubling that these same immigrants will turn out to be America's last grasp at greatness. Troubling because the Trumpers want to deport all 11 million immigrants... up to this writing.

To begin with, immigrants pump some 90 billion dollars into the American economy each year. Much of this money is paid into Social Security, which is depended on by a majority of white Americans many of whom are the same ones against immigrants and their presence here. There are more white Americans using Social Security services than any of the minority groups. But this is not the problem.

There is a bigger problem looming in America that no one seems to have noticed, and no one is talking about it, in America. This larger and increasing threat to America comes in the form of education and the dwindling resource it threatens to become... this is where immigrants and their children,  may well turn out to be America's greatest hand to play. 

Be assured the rest of the world is well aware of this issue as America sinks ever lower in the list of well educated countries that can equip their citizens with needed skills, and embrace the challenges of a growing technological global marketplace.

America's problem stems from the new fad that seems to be increasing every year. Parents are opting out of properly educating their kids and that is holding these brilliant kids back. I wrote about this for the past two years and it is increasing. 

When parents follow each other and resist having their kids do common core or standardized testing, they set a lower educational trajectory for their kids and ultimately their kids come out of school at a lower level than others who did the hard work... these others ultimately end up being the immigrant children, who then are the ones left with the responsibility of moving America forward, competing in an ever growing technological global marketplace.

No matter how good the parents' intentions are, even children who are home schooled are missing out on things they should experience while growing up, and this may pose a challenge for the child later on. I have heard that some home schooled kids do well academically, but I hasten to add that most home schooled children are the ones who are distracted by other things that are injected by the parent, and thus they still may not realize their full potential.

CNN... 'In New Jersey, lawmakers recently approved a measure that would require schools to accommodate parents who opt out of testing by providing alternative activities such as independent reading for their children.
And in Indiana, the state's 2015 superintendent of the year recommended that parents home-school their children during the testing weeks instead of having them take the tests.'

Immigrants have one focus, to educate their children, as they are taught that education is the only way for their kids and their families to get out of poverty. Everything else is second to that. 

So while some children are kept back by their parents, immigrant kids are going through these same school systems snubbed by the American parents, and they , the immigrant kids end up winning. They win because there are limited spaces available in advanced classes at all schools, and if American kids aren't competing for those spaces, they are being filled by immigrant kids more and more.

It is not that the American kids don't want to fill the space in the advanced class, it is that they are prevented from being their parents, so they lose out. Advanced kids get into advanced colleges, their trajectories are higher.... from CNN '...  the New York State Allies for Public Education -- 156,000 students refused to take this week's English exam, and that's with just from 50% of the districts reporting their numbers....With approximately 1.1 million students eligible to take the tests in grades 3-8 in New York, that means at least 14% of students are projected to sit out this year. According to the state education department, last year about 49,000 (4%) didn't have a known valid reason for not taking the English test and 67,000 (6%) didn't take the math exam.'

The end result is the immigrant children end up getting high five figure and even six figure jobs right out of college while many American children fall by the wayside or graduate into a lower paying job... or settle in to a manufacturing or construction job. I see this in the larger cities, where immigrant kids are graduating from specialized high schools and are thriving, in the spaces left by American kids.

Immigrant children go on to take up the challenges of the global marketplace in an effort to keep America from descending into the global market abyss and keep America strong, competitive and in the higher echelons of the marketplace.

America is now being sold on the idea of bringing back manufacturing jobs to America, these jobs will be low paying jobs and may be enough for families to stay afloat, but if parents do not keep their kids focused on higher education, then America may end up becoming some third world manufacturing low wage hub... soon 'Made in America' may carry as much weight as made is China, or Taiwan, or Bangladesh...

There is a new uproar now, to get rid of the Sanctuary cities that accomodate large numbers of immigrant families. If this is done, the only loser wil be... America.

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