Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flammable water in your sink?? WTF??

"'GasLand', a documentary that premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and focuses on hydraulic fracturing, will begin airing on HBO starting June 21 at 9 p.m. The documentary focuses on American communities that have been impacted by the increase in natural gas drilling--specifically hydraulic fracturing--across the country.
The documentary's writer and director, Josh Fox, had been approached by a natural gas company who was interested in leasing his family's Milanville, Pa., home for drilling; they would receive a signing offer of $100,000. Fox set out across America in search of information about natural gas drilling methods and their impacts on the environment and health of the people and areas in the drilling locations. Locally, he visited Dimock, Susquehanna County, where natural gas drilling had already been taking place ", North Central PA.com reports.

From Teeluck...
What Mr. Fox found is dumbfounding to the unsuspecting, but for us in the higher intellectual club, it is just par for the course. The companies are doing such damage to the underground environment that natural gas and Chemicals are seeping into the water shed and water wells. The water that comes out of many people's kitchen sinks are as a result...Flammable!! Yes, I said Flammable. This is not even the main problem in my opinion.

While Mr. Fox is insisting that the companies are using upwards of 500 chemicals for this extraction process to get the payload they seek, one PR firm hired by and speaking for the industry, adamantly state that they are only using up to 12 toxic chemicals to maintain this type of extraction. My point of disagreement is that even if they were only using 10 Toxic Chemicals...that's 10 Chemicals too many!! Keep in mind these chemicals are toxic and the fact that people are now ingesting water that contains these chemicals and even Natural Gas, it is indeed a frightening thought.

What if people start to Combust later on if they ingest to much of this stuff?? I am convinced that this stuff will cause Cancer. This extraction phenomenon is now in New York, Pennsylvania and at least 20 other states and it shows no evidence of slowing down in it's advance to other States. The other shameful thing is that they are not under any meaningful Regulations which will protect the citizens who have been affected or the rest of us who may soon become victims of this atrocity as well.

Original Article by NorthCentralPA.com


  1. You're in the kitchen sink and I'm in the Gulf but we are both writing about exploding water.... LOL I added you to my blogroll didn't know I hadn't. Sorry sweetie. Done now. Good post. Interesting.

  2. The late Molly Ivins wrote some years back about what bad actors gas drilling companies can be, and about the bad side effects and after effects of their activities. The more money there is to be made from their product, the greater lengths they will go to to get it. One more reason why we need a sensible, comprehensive energy policy with tough oversight and regulation.

  3. Hi Gwen...well it's about time! Thank you lol...exploding water? Will Never happen!! What are you drinking?? lol

  4. I think I saw a headline like this a few months ago at one of the "alternate" news sites -- Raw Story or Think Progress or one of those. The headline looked so far-fetched, I didn't even click on it.

    Thanks for posting this. This is something we need to know about, and the mainstream "media" sure as hell isn't gonna tell us.

  5. SW, I agree, we need a sensible energy policy.
    BTW, did you guys see the stare-down Stupack gave to Barton in his apology retraction? If looks could kill!

  6. Drill, baby, drill. But don't fart and smoke at the same time.

  7. Bill Moyers did a show on this this past season. I think ya can still find it on the PBS site. Here in upstate NY a oil and gas co is doing a radio blitz on the great jobs that will happen. Employed but thirsty.

  8. Hey you all, Mrsh2o is me little wife...Just thought I'd introduce her to ya..

    The woman's a saint, 30 years with me Yikes!!!

    For music how bout some Muddy Waters...hehehe

  9. JR, spill baby spill and shit on the Gulf at the same time...

  10. Mrsh2o, welcome to S&A, The great jobs they are offering will almost surely poison the ecosystem upstate...and poison my ecosystem downstream as a result, as I am sure the polluted and poisonous water will find it's way down the Hudson. I'm speechless...

  11. Hey Tim, thanks for the introduction to your better half and congrats on 30 years of beauty, she deserves a medal! I got some Muddy waters too, thanks for the tip!

  12. Haven't dropped by for a while! You've got a new look, I see. I'm shocked to learn about the natural gas issues; I had had some hopes that gas might be an acceptable, safer alternative as we wean ourselves off of over-reliance on oil, but no such luck.

    And I still drove my car today, didn't you? It has to begin with me, but where do I even begin?