Sunday, June 13, 2010


A 35-year-old mother was arrested for allegedly circumcising her 10-month-old daughter, police said. The LaGrange woman was being held in the Troup County jail with out bond, Sgt. Chad Mann told the AJC. She faces female genital mutilation and child cruelty charges, Mann said.
“A relative changing the baby noticed that she appeared to be circumcised,” Mann said.
The AJC is not publishing the mother’s name to avoid identifying the infant.
The baby was taken to Children’s Health care of Atlanta, where a doctor determined she had under gone some form of surgical removal of the clitoris, Mann said. The baby’s father was previously granted temporary custody, and he alerted authorities about the child’s injury, police said.

“She’s in perfect health, other than that,” Mann said.

The baby is in her father’s custody, police said. Authorities are not releasing details about a possible motive for the mutilation.

“Some of the areas of the investigation are sensitive,” Mann said.

The baby’s mother was arrested Wednesday after noon. Her first court appear­ance is scheduled for Friday morning.

DFACS officials told Columbus, Ga., newschannel WTVM9 that the woman also has three other children, but declined to say to release the location of them.

An estimated 100 to 140 million girls and women worldwide have been victims of female genital mutilation, according to the World Health Organization. Most of the procedures have occurred in Africa. According to the WHO The procedure has no health benefits, and can cause severe bleeding and problems urinating.

From Teeluck…I am appalled, ashamed and so freaking angry that the innocent among us are treated in such macabre and inhumane ways that it actually hurts to write this article. This “Satanic” practice of circumcision, practiced on both male and female victims Globally, by the delirious people who believe in Satan and this Satanic practice in some freaky way…is truly disgusting and should be outlawed around the Globe. To these perpetrators, it does not matter the horrendous affects it has on the innocent victims and the awful life the females face as a direct consequence…it is truly a step backward for Mankind…religion shows it’s dark and evil face in this practice. Let us bring awareness to this evil practice so in some way we can begin to push back against it... for the sake of it’s help less victims.

Many thanks to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution


  1. OMG it makes me shudder! The evilness of this practice is appauling and inhumane Tee!! I can see what you mean about barely getting thru the piece!

  2. The Mother should be made sterile as to not ever be able to do this to another child.

  3. The quoted information doesn't make clear why the mother did this, although it's long been practiced by believers in Islam. Freedom to practice one's religion in America must end where bodily harm begins. That goes double where children are concerned, and I'm sure it does.

    If the mother isn't mentally ill and did it because of religious beliefs, she should face appropriate physical assault and child abuse charges, serve whatever time she gets and then be deported to some country where that sort of thing is allowed. The child should remain here, I hope in the care of good adoptive or foster parents.

    I say this because you can't punish religious beliefs out of people. It's been tried for millennia and it never works. If anything, trying to do that only entrenches those beliefs. So the mother's punishment should be for the illegal harm she did, period. We can say her beliefs are inhumane and repugnant, but that will just make her feel persecuted for what she sees as traditional religious and cultural beliefs. Thus, the need for deportation to someplace like Somalia.

  4. Oh my. How cruel. How barbaric. But I'm afraid SW is right. Sad.

  5. Sue, this is really unbearable...I have a daughter...
    Tim, she will help others to do the same though, it's a losing battle with mindless religion.

  6. SW, I think you have a great understanding of the issue, and I agree with you

    tnlib it is exactly that, Barbaric...

  7. I have a daughter as well and the thought of this just make me sick. I swear, my eyes are filled with tears thinking about that poor baby.. who probably didn't have any freezing or anything.

    Just insane.


  8. Screw her beliefs of being persecuted, I don't give a damn about her religious beliefs. If she's crazy, she needs to be institutionalized. If she's not, she needs to be in jail.

    Tee: Like the new digs!

  9. Hey Sunshine...I love saying that, lol. Yes, I like you am so freaked out at the thought of that little girl and the horror that has been brought to bear upon her. These mistaken people cause so much pain and despair to others that I get unreasonable in my thoughts toward them...thank goodness I have friends like you...and Bee

  10. Bee, I'm with you on this one, she needs to be locked up somewhere, before someone like us gets to her ass.
    I heard cement shoes are great this time of the
    Thank you on the new digs, compliments of Blogger, it's a new thing they started with many new styles to choose from.
    How is the book?

  11. I'll just have to echo what everyone else said, this was insane and the mother should be removed from the lives of her children permanently.

  12. Beach Bum, this just disgusts me so much, and the sad thing is that it is a widespread practice among many cultures.