Saturday, March 19, 2011

911 Was Child's Play??

Traces of Radiation too small to kill an Ant was detected yesterday, Thursday March 17th, at a California Monitoring station. It is said to have come from the damaged Nuclear Reactors in Japan. While the low level Radiation itself is of little concern, I can't help but take a more cautious view of the facts. It took less than five days for the Radioactive material to be carried on the winds, from its source to the shores of the West Coast.

The worst Nuclear accident in history thus far is of course Chernobyl. The interesting thing in that incident, worth observation is the fact that there was a large enough explosion to send microscopic Radioactive material so high into the upper atmosphere that it was able to be spread over a wide area by the fierce winds... and kill between 4000 and up to an estimated one million people. I mention this because even without reaching the upper atmosphere the Japanese Reactor material was still able to reach the American West Coast in a minimum amount of days... which makes me wonder...

What if  Osama Bin Laden or his Henchmen decided to fill with Radioactive material and charter... an Airplane from any Foreign Country...only to Detonate it off the Coast of the correct Altitude to be spread most effectively by those vibrant winds that blow from the West Coast all the way across America  to the East Coast? Spreading the deadly particles all across America. That would make 911 look like Child's play.

September 11 was revealed by the 911 Commission to actually be Plan B... Plan A was to fly an Airplane into the Indian Point Nuclear Facility in Upstate New York. It was revealed that the only reason the plan was abandoned is because the Terrorists thought the American Government at the time was intelligent enough to have Surface to Air missiles installed around the facility to protect about overkill...or over estimating the dedication a Government would have for its people...So, they went with Plan B and down came the Towers.

An exploding Airplane full of Radioactive Material...over California... is a really destructive medium that could actually affect and kill Millions of people from one corner of America clear across to another...think about it...and then kiss your kids...and if you live on the West Coast...don't drink the Tap Water... don't let your kids drink it...and don't let the radioactive rain wet you...

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