Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tea Party Popularity Drops

Like the age old story of everything that waxes and too the Tea Party has joined the ranks of all that have gone before, that have fallen from Grace. Am I being too Dramatic?...Maybe... The bottom line is that there  is a lot of Buyer's Remorse going on here. The question on everyone's lips is...Why? Why has the party fallen from the good Graces of all who have left...and in this case that is a considerable amount...and increasing.

The answer is as plain as Day...One can see Russia from her house...One wasn't a witch...One is Batshit sees Headless is intent on Dismantling the Unions and he refuses to hear anything about Collective Bargaining... and that is just the A List...there are many more... All of them are intent on giving Bigger and Bigger breaks to the Super Wealthy Two percent and the Multi Billion Dollar Corporations while the real Tea Party Faithful get swept away in stupid laws that are meant to squeeze the last droplet of Blood from them and leave them in the throws of poverty for Generations to come... keeping them slaves to the system of the Rich getting Richer while the Middle Class is systematically eliminated.

The Tea Party faithful got what they wished for... they won the seats they wanted in the last election and they got the promises made to them. They did not realize those same promises would also make them feel the bitter slice...or should I say stab... of dismay and treachery that they thought would have visited only the "other side"...the Democrats and their faithful.

There are now thousands of ex Tea Partiers being foreclosed on...being let go from Companies who are taking Jobs to foreign Countries, their Social programs, Education programs and everything they depend on to live a decent life are being taken away in Draconian "Cuts" that minutely reduce the Deficit...all because the Republicans are sabotaging everything the President is doing to try to bring us out of this recession. The Frum Forum gives a good account of the falling numbers, and I am sure there is more to come their Dwindling numbers at the Tea Party Rally on Thursday March 31st in Washington showed.

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