Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pastor Burns A Koran, These Idiots Don't Learn...

Florida Pastor Terry Jones is an idiot, I am sure many more will agree with this statement than will disagree. This fake Pastor recently burned a copy of the Koran, an act which started a shitload of retaliation. So far a UN compound has been attacked and seven UN employees Killed, other connected retaliations have killed and injured many more. 

Pastor Crazy first threatened to burn a Koran in September but after being wooed and getting his 15 minutes of fame, he decided to postpone his idiotic idea until March 20th, when he carried out the foolish act. There is no question that he has started another chapter in the wars we face around the world. Our Troops will undoubtedly face even more opposition than before because of this act.

It is no secret that the Right Wing Republican/Conservative/Tea Party/ Birther folks are on a rampage and trying to wipe out the Muslim population in America. It seems like the Crusades are happening all over again. John Lennon asked that we Imagine a world without Religion and the Craziness that ensues when one Religious group tries to impose their rules on another. I think the world will be a better and more peaceful place without all these religions...but then again, they will just find something else to hate each other for. I am sure this is not finished yet, and we can expect to see more retaliation in the future. The Washington Post has the full story.

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  1. This post is so Looney Tunes I don't even know where to begin. So I won't.

  2. I fully share your opinion of this goofball Terry Jones Teeluck.

    I also think the closed minded, bigoted zealots that chopped people's heads off because they were outraged by Jones' act are miserable, no good mother fuckers as well.

    We're supposed to be for tolerance. We have Troops fighting and dying in Afghanisatan for miserable pricks who instead of reacting to Jones' crap by educating the world on the good aspects of Islam, murder people.

    This is as good a time as any to ask just what in God's name are we doing there. The answer is losing good people for no good reason. It's long past time to leave Afghanistan and Iraq.

  3. Well said GCP...well said...