Sunday, April 24, 2011

What...Republicans Hate Poor Kids Now?

Arizona’s now favorite News Maker, Republican Governor Jan Brewer is in yet another controversy with a new Law she signed. It is now apparent to many advocates that she is supporting the Conservative organizations like ‘The Family Research Council’, ‘Focus On The Family’  and many others around the country,  in an ongoing  'Vendetta’ against Gay Couples who want to adopt children. There are at least 130,000 of the 420,000 kids in foster homes who are available for adoption.  Many of them will be denied a loving Family…by the ‘Family Values’ crowd.

Many other states already have laws that in one way or another inhibit or restricts Gay couples from Adopting, this includes  Mississippi and Utah where Gay couples are prohibited from adopting.  North Dakota allows their agencies to prohibit or deny adoptions based on  Moral or Religious grounds, thereby denying the child the chance of having a better life, all to satisfy  in my opinion  their “Misguided” sense of logic.

In Jan Brewer’s case, her trick is to allow Married Couples to have the right to Adopt, while having restrictions on Gay Marriage in Arizona, thereby accomplishing the task of  effectively shutting the door on Gay couples.  While being interviewed of ‘Fox News’ on Sunday April 24th, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council cited some unknown Australian Study …I suspect by conservatives, which says that Kids are better off in a home with a Mother and a Father as opposed to a Gay couple.

Obviously  Advocates who are concerned with the Children’s best interests, are up in arms about this new attack on the innocent children and their prospects to getting into a loving and caring home and reaping the benefits it will bring, including a better education , a more stable and loving environment and a better chance at a more certain Future.

James Esseks, attorney with the ACLU specializing in LGBT issues,  maintains that  “This is a law based on  Stereotypes  and Cultural Assumptions  about Gay People being bad for kids. The reality is the Social Scientists  and the Psychologists who study this, say there is no basis for those Stereotypes at all. That Kids raised by Gay Couples do just as well on every measure of Child Adjustment that there is.”
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