Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why Should I vote?

This question goes to the heart of what has happened in the last election in November 2010 and what will happen in the Elections in 2012. The answer is is not about President Obama, The Democratic Party or What God wants... It is all about you. It is all about what you want and this is the way to get some of it.

Sure you may not like some of the things that have or have not happened since President Obama was Elected, but one thing is sure, it could have been a lot worse if his Opponents had won. Many have differing views why they should or should not vote and the results in the 2010 election brought on by those who did not vote is a stark reality of what happens when people do not vote.

Those who voted for the Republicans in 2010 got what they wanted...and the Draconian cuts coming down the pike is just a small sample of the Republican mindset. Instead of thinking of what the President has Not gotten done, I suggest you look at what he Has done for you...and your Family. 

Remember you voted for Obama not so he will be President, but for what he could do for you...It must always be about you, that is the best way to take care of your voting for what you want for them... for them. If you do not vote in your own best interest, the Republicans will make more gains and make your life a living hell...more than it is now. Your kids will go through more hell...a hell brought on by Bush and the Republican Agenda. It is ok to see where the blame lies, no one will fault you for being intelligent. 

The Republicans are trying to Sabotage the Country and the President any way they can, you have to stop them with your vote. I can guarantee you that President Obama's 2nd term will be better for you and your family because he will not have a future Election to worry about and he will not have to bend over backwards to appease the Right...or his Corporate financiers.
Below is a discussion I came across which says it beautifully...

"Phil: you ask me how Obama's policies departed from Bush's? Really? 

Well, there's the repeal of DADT, there's keeping insurers from booting kids for pre-existing conditions: that's clearly not something Bush would have done. Increased funding for the Violence Against Women Act. Expanded Pell grants. Included sexual orientation under the hate crime laws. Created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (thanks to Elizabeth Warren). Cut prescription drug costs for medicare recipients in half. Extended Benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees. I could go on, but your eyes are probably already glazed over.

Don't get me wrong - he's nowhere in the ball park of where I had expected (no less hoped) him to be. And the practices of Bush that he's held onto are appalling. I'm appalled, anyways.

But to say that there's no sunlight between him and Bush just seems to me like exactly the kind of resigned helplessness that I'd think that any self-respecting ruling class would want to instill in anyone motivated to change things. And that's why, despite the difficulties involved, I will continue to occupy the political process and attempt, however meagerly, to move things in a progressive direction. Because I just don't see any alternative. Giving up isn't one."

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  1. If as you say, "Its all about you. Its all about what you want and this is a way to get some of it" then rationally I should be a republican.

    I have health insurance so why do I need to have government provide healthcare for everyone? I like lower taxes because it lets me keep more of my money. I derive no benefit from DADT, violence against women, consumer protection, medicare, medicad, prescription drugs or any of the host of other items you listed as things that reflect an obvious difference between Bush and Obama.

    Has my day to day existence changed any due to a change in administrations? No, not at all.

    In fact, outside of the IRS and the Census Bureau government does not enter into my life at all.

    Now, if you were to ask if I believe that America, being the wealthiest country in the world, should provide healthcare to all its citizens, should ensure that gay service members enjoy the same respect for their service that hetrosexual servicemembers do, that their should be no violence against women, and that consumers need to be protected from preditory business practices then I would wholeheartedly agree with you.

    But if you would ask me to vote my rational self interests then I need to vote for that idiot Rand Paul.

  2. Not with you Big Bamboo. I have a wife and two daughters. It's in my interests as a father that we have strong laws to help keep them safe from violence and discrimination.

    I could go on but hopefully you're following me. A government that works to make all our lives better is in our interests.

    I'm disappointed in much of what President Obama's done. But I also appreciate much too. Of course I will be supporting him in 2012. I will also be voicing my displeasure when he acts in what I think are not the best interests of our Nation as a whole. It's our duty to not be blind sheep, but active participants

  3. Oh, I will vote in 2012 for Obama also...

    I am also maxing out my tax deductions by giving to

    I will raise all sorts of hell about democrats and the democratic party because those old farts/elites don't have a clue anymore!

    Right now they should be running ads against the republicans showing that they are giving in to 43 billion in spending cuts but the Repugs want to cut out Planned Parenthood....and then flash to photos of young kids with babies living in slums (WHITE kids!) with "Republicans favor UNplanned Parenthood" but I guess that is too emotional and too UNadult like....

    How about a picture of a baby abandoned in a gutter crying...with UNplanned Parenthood flashing across the top of the screen....

    But we have MSM flashing "Countdown to Shutdown" as if it is some game or something...

  4. Hell. I got ripped on by a dude that calls himself "K" on Swash Zone for saying pretty much what TAO said.

    Great minds think alike. Ours. Not K's.