Monday, April 4, 2011

If We Ignore The Radiation...Will It Go Away?

The answer is No! It will not go away...and it is getting worse...really Bad! How Bad? They are right now releasing more than 11,000 Tons of Radioactive water...that's upwards of 3 Million Gallons of Radioactive make way for storage of even more Toxic water. A grave concern is the Advent of Unstable Chlorine38. Normally that is supposed to be Chlorine 35 or 37...38 is a real problem.

Unstable Chlorine 38 is the product of Stable Chlorine 37 absorbing another neutron. This is bad because it means the total shutdown of the Reactor has so far failed and there are still unwanted Chain reactions happening...uncontrolled reactions which could prove to be a real problem...Arjun Makhijani is president of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research ( He reports this to  The Asia-Pacific Journal.

It has also been found out that there is a leak from one of the Reactors that is seeping around the Plant and it would be going directly into the sea as well, this is cause for concern because this is uncontrolled and that is always the worst case. It is still better to know what you are dumping into the Ocean, in what quantities and concentration and it is always preferred to be able to have control of the thing.

Paul Gunter, author of "Beyond Nuclear" was a guest on The Thom Hartmann Radio Program today, April 4th 2011, where he made a grave comment. He said we can no longer be "Nationalists" when it comes to concern about America and the Fallout from the Japanese Disaster because when the Radioactive Particles enter the Sea it is absorbed by the Algae, which is in turn eaten by little fish, which are in turn eaten by Larger Fish and other Creatures. In other words it has entered The Biosphere. As Joe said...This is a Big Fucking Deal!!

This is how the Radioactive Particles enter our food chain...The Biosphere... and it eventually ends up on your dinner plate...everywhere the Seafood swims and everywhere it is eaten. So it is now being blown as dust in the wind to different parts of the Globe where it contaminates the Crops we eat and the infected grass is eaten by our livestock, and passed on to us through their meats and milk...and it is being swept by the Ocean currents to many other places where it is eaten by animals and then us...This is really bad...and just the beginning...

KTVN in Reno, had this to say about the Water Dumping.

Here is video of how the Jet Stream distributes the Radiation to the US and surrounding Countries... Please watch the video on full screen for best viewing, the volume is also very problem. You can get an idea of Radiation effects on Humans here

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