Saturday, April 9, 2011

Republicans Are Killers??

Usually there are two categories that people are jailed or charged for, one is the Attempted act and the other is the Act itself. For example, Attempted Murder if they are not successful and Murder, if  they are. Of course there are other stages,   Manslaughter...Voluntary and Involuntary... Conspiracy to Commit Murder and such. What matters is results. The Result of Stabbing a person determines which category one will end up in and hopefully be charged for, be it Attempted Murder get the picture I trust...

Republicans are now and have regularly in the past advocated and in many cases instituted Draconian measures on Americans. The most recent proof of this is their Success in pressuring the Obama Government into agreeing to make drastic and hurtful cuts under the guise of Deficit Reduction. There are other ways to control our Deficit without these Draconian cuts. Judge them by their actions, not their words.

Many agree that the cuts being made against the poor are made by the Rich who will not be affected by these drastic cuts. The misinformed who support these Rich Republicans are doing themselves a great injustice, as their  families are the ones who will suffer. The Rich will not suffer and the cuts affect us all. These misinformed people listen to the lies fielded by the likes of  Rich Conservative commentators in the Media who are like Pied Pipers that lead the misinformed to falling for and following the Ideologies of the Rich whose only wish is to enslave the poor. 

The real fight is not between Republicans and Democrats but rather, between Rich and Poor...and the misinformed are fooled into thinking it is about Social Issues like Abortion (As if they know when a fertilized egg becomes a person), Freedom ( to starve or be advantaged by Corporations)... Marriage Rights ( Gays need not apply)... and foreign Birth Certificates...

The Results of these cuts will Kill people...plain and simple. People will be forced to do without Medical Care, Medicines, Food and things that are necessary for their survival in this harsh world. Children will have less access to Education, which will ensure that more of them will end up in Gangs, in Prisons ( feeding the Prison Industrial Complex)... or in a Grave. Women will have less access to life saving Services and many will die as a result... Is that Murder?? 

Subjecting these people to certain Suffering and Death as a result of these Draconian cuts is indeed Murder...Premeditated Murder. These Rich Republicans who can find other ways to fix Deficits and Choose to institute Draconian Cuts just for their own fancy...are Murderers. As a footnote, all who help and support these cuts are Accomplices...whoever they may be...

When The Republicans pretend to do something like reduce Deficit Reduction...which of course is a this case, they cut off America's nose with their clandestine attempt to stifle America's economic recovery... you must remember the Result of that action is the important thing to evaluate...Know Them By Their Actions...And The Results....The Results

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  1. Maybe one percent of the current population recognizes this.
    One guess who that one percent is.