Tuesday, April 26, 2011

True Republican Colors...

The new Alert system is going to be started today and there are serious concerns from various people that  it is a genuine problem for some. It is no secret that during the Bush era, there was a serious attempt by that Administration to find the best way to institute an Alert system that could be helpful to all. The problem arose when concerns were voiced in closed quarters that the Republican Base consisted of a large number of people who had difficulty in stringing words together in any coherent manner and were not interested in rectifying that as much as they were interested in suppressing good Teachers, Unions and Schools.

This led to many good ideas that were soon enough snuffed out and the Color Code was born. The general opinion was that since the Base was more adept to using coloring books...connect the numbers... snakes and ladders... connect the dots....lipstick on pigs...who's smarter than a fifth grader...er...sorry, drifted off there for a moment... ok, they were more adept to using coloring books than reading books, so the Color Code would be more universal in it's application to Danger...be it hyped or real. I remember seeing that "ALERT" word flashed on Fox from 2003 up to earlier this year...everyday without fail...  it is still on? ...oh...

It has been said that the Democrats now think that they are the smart kids in the room and have chosen to change the "Perfectly good and working" Color Code as some kind of smite to the Republican Base...it is being bandied about as yet another "Government Takeover" move... akin to the "Death Panels for seniors" cry from the Far Right during the Health Care Issue last year. It will take a lot of Lipstick for the Base to realize that they have been fooled again by the Republican Party, who are the real purveyors of "Death Panels" for Grandma via the Ryan Budget.

The Republican Base are now the ones most vehemently fighting the Republican Party's attempts to institute the Ryan Budget Proposals and many people in the Base are getting to see the Party's true colors...so to speak...when it comes to who is trying to dismantle Unions, Schools, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid...and generally make life miserable and too expensive for them to live. The videos of them in Town Hall meetings, standing up for their rights against those who tried to pull the wool over their eyes and voted for the Ryan Budget, are being shown all over the country and I am really happy to see that the Base is not allowing themselves to be fooled and taken advantage of any more. Kudos...

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