Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh NO!!! Blue Dog Max Baucus in Super Congress!!

I am so pessimistic about this decision by Harry Reed to appoint Blue Dog Max Baucus to the Super Congress. I know, I know, technically Blue Dogs are traditionally House members, but tell that to the American People who have been stabbed in the back by his atrocious voting in the past.

"he has voted against the corporate average fuel economy standards (CAFE) and on increasing federal funds for solar and wind power."
"In 1999, he was the only Democrat to vote against an amendment by Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) that sought to "regulate the sale of firearms at gun shows."
"He opposes gay marriage"
Baucus' campaign materials claim that he is a moderate democratic member of the Senate, occasionally breaking with his party on the issues of taxes, the environment and gun control. 

This is one guy you want to keep your eyes on... I would not like his vote to be the deciding vote of the Super Congress needed to make the vote a tie... 
Why a tie you ask? Well if there is a tie then the President has an Ace up his sleeve. The panel's primary goal will be to find an additional $1.5 trillion in budget savings by November 23. Its recommendations must be approved by Congress by December 23. If either of those deadlines arrives unmet, automatic spending cuts in place are triggered in 2013, ultimately making the Bush Tax Cuts expire and saving Billions in needed revenues, through the expected collecting of said futureTaxes.

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  1. Baucus symbolizes everything that's wrong with the Democratic Party. Unbelievable that Reid would include him on this critical panel... we're screwed, again.
    Heavy sigh...

  2. Baucus probably saw this as an opportunity to get more pork for his state and offered to be a good boy.

    This joker will stab us in the back at every opportunity.