Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This Is How To Beat The Republicans And Tea Party!

Many of you are not aware of how the tea party infiltrated and effectively took over the Republican Party in one short year…less even.  We were all caught with our pants down when November 2010 saw the election of so many within the tea party.  And yet, how they managed the feat was actually quite simple.

There is a video that explains it in detail, a video that the tea party put out just 10 months before the Nov 2010 elections.  ”The Concord Project” is a strategic plan that has been not only surprisingly simple to implement, but incredibly effective.  How does it work? By remembering one simple fact: local Precinct officials select the candidates that eventually end up on the ballots.  That’s it.  The tea party simply got themselves into the local precincts, became precinct committeemen…and caused the upset by nominating other tea party members for the ballot.  The result: Tea party members won by a landslide in Nov 2010!
This is simply what we have to do to change the face of the Democratic Party. We need a new breed of politicians in Congress.  And in greater numbers!!

 It makes no sense to try to push against the Establishment, or run a third party candidate against the Democratic party.  The infrastructure is already there in the Democratic Party.  All we have to do is become local precinct committee members and officials by simply showing up at the meetings and participating.  Sometimes no one shows up so you may have no one to compete against. Many of the positions are currently actually held by Republicans!! Lets take them back now!!

In many states, getting elected to a precinct committee position requires as few as 10 signatures.  Think about it.  Knowing five couples can get you elected to the position.  Check your local precinct for specific requirements as some precincts may require more signatures or vary in procedures a bit.

Let’s work on getting that better batch of politicians.  Progressives, not Blue Dogs!!  Ones who truly want to take care of the people and not the corporations.  We simply have to show up at the meetings and take part…that is so easy. Let us take a page out of the tea party playbook…it worked for them in 10 months, it will work for us too.  Finally, check out this video by Thom Hartmann which also explains it quite well.

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  1. It doesn't make sense to run a third party against the president! I can see gathering and running local blue dogs out of the house and senate. That is managable. If we have the votes in the house and senate, bills we prefer will come to the presidents desk and be signed into law. Let's roll!

  2. The Klanservative Klanbagging Kooks owned the Rushpubliscum Party already. These so-called "tea party" inbreds were driven to give themselves a new name simply to get the attention of a MSM that was all too willing to ignore that they've been there for awhile now.

    But that's no surprise. The MSM was also AWOL when Pat Robertson started his takeover of the Rushpubliscum Party 30 years ago.

  3. On that sad day marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I was reading the article "Dems Fret Aloud Over Obama's Re-Election" and all the comments in my NYTimes. It looks like a lot of fellow Democrats want to throw Obama under the bus and I can understand their frustration. The number of people Obama has thrown under the bus would give me carpa tunnel syndrome if I had to type them all!

    I am really starting to get nervous that Rick Perry would run over Obama in the presidential election.

    I think its time we started supporting Hillary to challenge Obama in a primary. I'm hoping we can start a grass roots movement in the blogosphere.

    Let's face the facts fellow Democrats. Obama has really turned out to be a poor president who has been bought by the Multi-national banks and corporations. His only ability is to give smooth sounding speeches and campaign!