Thursday, September 15, 2011

God Hates Rick Perry And The Republicans!!

Yes, God hates the Republicans and Rick Perry. As we have been shown previously by Reverends Falwell  and Robertson, God sends all sorts of natural disasters to warn us of his displeasure when we do things he does not approve of. I have to say though, thank God for Reverends Falwell and Robertson, they are the only link we have to God and finding out what God hates and what God wants..and these great men know what God wants.

We can therefore be assured that God really hates Rick Perry for his decision to run for the Presidency. We know this by the terrible Fires God has unleashed on Texas. We also have seen the drought that Texas has had for the past year...a drought of Biblical proportions...because Rick Perry has had his hand in the corruption jar, taking bribes in the form of donations from all his contributors who are handsomely rewarded with lucrative contracts. God is especially angry with Rick Perry for using a mandate to force children to take a vaccine which we know causes brain damage. This we know because God sent a woman to tell Michelle Bachmann so that she could tell the whole country. We have seen God smite Texas with excessively high temperatures as a result of this.

We all remember the Bridge collapse in Minnesota in 2007, the I-35 Mississippi Bridge was made to collapse when Tim Pawlenty was in negotiations with then Presidential candidate John McCain to be his Vice President. God decided to put his foot down on that bridge, causing McCain to get the message and take God's choice for VP, Sarah Palin instead.

God has now made the Sherman Minton Bridge be cracked and closed because of Kentucky's Mitch McConnell's attempts to stifle the economic recovery that the country sorely needs. This changes a 15 minute drive for residents who use the bridge into a two hour re-route to get around the bridge. We have been seeing God's hand at work all over the country showing his disgust at the Republicans who are trying to destabilize the country and send us into a depression just to make President Obama's fail in his attempt to save the country from the devastating Bush policies that are responsible for this recession.

God is really angry about the Republicans and their constant sabotaging of America's recovery and their constant attacks on the jobs of the middle class, who are the backbone on any country. Remove the middle class and America will just become another Third World country. We see God's disgust at this in no uncertain terms, by the horrendous weather patterns, hurricanes, storms, earthquakes and bridge collapses. There is no doubt God is angry at the Republicans...ask any Priest.

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