Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rick Perry is the new Sarah Palin on Foreign Policy...

Yes, Rick Perry is being thought of as the new Sarah Palin on Foreign Policy. So...does he see Russia from Texas? We will soon find out. After reading Jennifer Rubin's article online in the Washington Post I come away with the feeling that she is on to something about Perry.

Apart from the fact that he obviously employs the old style of his Texan mentor and predecessor George W. Bush, being a shoot from the hip ask questions later...if at all, kinda guy, he definitely needs to " shed the image of a novice with a sparse understanding of the nuts and bolts of foreign policy." as Jennifer puts it. This statement in itself was the straw that connected him to Sarah Palin...for me.

I understand that in a Presidential election one has to try to separate oneself from the other candidates and in doing this you usually let the public get a good look at you from the inside out... from my view, there is nobody home at the Perry residence. We see the same bland generalizations we saw when Sarah ran on the ticket with McCain. 

Perry is obviously stumbling along trying to duck out of the way of the "Gotcha" questions and jabs posed by his rivals, most notably Bachmann and Romney. 

Jennifer writes..."His campaign advisors should resist the urge to portray him as a guru, and instead take the time to educate and develop their candidate’s knowledge. And until he personally could articulate his thoughts in detail, they should forgo the pretense of sophistication. It’s likely to cause more problems than it solves."  I like this journalist's thought process...she is tightly precise in her observations and her common sense understanding of the man...the 'Coyote kid' 

Gail Collins of the New York Times online writes... "So who is this man called Rick? He is, in his own words, “the kind of guy who goes jogging in the morning packing a Ruger .380 with laser sights and loaded with hollow point bullets, and shoots a coyote that is threatening his daughter’s dog.” "

Gail writes further..."O.K., there are a few problems. One is that a Texas Tribune poll this week showed that Perry was only the choice of 4 percent of Texas Republicans for the presidential nomination. (Sarah Palin came in first and Gingrich second, which suggests the Republicans in Texas may not be totally focused.)" ... even Texans prefer Palin to a President Perry...

Gail goes on..."Try to imagine the Republican convention being asked to choose between Mitt Romney, who once drove to Canada with the family dog strapped to the roof of his car, and the guy who shot a puppy-eating coyote. With a Ruger .380 with laser sights!"

"If Perry were elected president, perhaps he would do for the entire United States what he’s done for Texas, which ranks first in the nation in the percentage of the population without health insurance, and 45th in high school completion. We could return to grass-roots, state-driven environmental regulations, the kind that have made Texas the nation’s leader in clean-water permit violations, hazardous waste spills and toxic emissions from manufacturing facilities.

But the coyotes would really have to watch out." 
Jennifer Rubin and Gail Collins...I salute you.
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