Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Give The Republicans What They Want!!

What do the republicans want? They want to destabilize and destroy the one thing that helps small businesses  and the American people the most. They want to destroy the Postal incredible world renowned postal service the likes of which has never existed before. It was actually started in 1775 and has existed and grown to be the largest and most efficient postal system in the world.

The US postal service handles 40% of the world's cards and letters. It has 574,000 workers, has 215,625 vehicles which I believe is the largest non military fleet in the world, has 31,871 retail locations, had $67 Billion in income in 2010 and uses zero dollars of tax payers' money.

Many in the US do not know that the republicans put a really large weight around the neck of the Postal Service and is trying to drown it, by requiring them to prefund their retirement and pension benefits for the next 75 years...and do so in a 10 year period. A phenomenal and impossible feat that means that the Postal Service will have to find 5 1/2 Billion dollars each year to fund this.

Instead of helping to create jobs this could cause at least 120,000 jobs to be lost. 

So, what can we expect if the Postal Service is privatized? Well one example is this, people who have had their garbage collection privatized, has seen their collection fees doubled. Everyone who uses the postal service will see their fees rise. Right now medications are mailed, the majority of all and otherwise are mailed, bills and checks are mailed, even live animals and grandma's cookies are mailed.

Obviously there will be much business in the large cities for Fed ex and UPS to do, but some urban and rural areas will prove to be unprofitable for these delivery companies, which will result in two possible scenarios.

First, the rural post offices will have to be run by the Government using tax payers' dollars, or secondly the delivery companies will operate central offices in urban and rural areas where patrons will be required to travel many miles to these offices to collect their mail, this could be as many as or more than 50 miles...did I mention the service or postal fees will be considerably more than 44 cents? 

Oddly enough, the largest amount of inconvenience will be felt in known conservative areas where they will really feel the love from the caring Republican individuals they rushed to vote for. These are the same Republican officials who are trying to end collective bargaining, totally privatize their health care by repealing President Obama's health care plan, Medicare and Medicaid... and of course privatize their Social Security.

I wonder if after they get a taste of the bad medicine they are voting for, they will come to their senses...unfortunately we cannot let these programs and services be privatized just for the confused and uninformed republican voters to learn their lesson and taste their bitter, no...we cannot give them what they want!!

This article was written by the Author of the newly released book titled "Shock and Awe on America" which can be bought in print or for Kindle at

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  1. I don't want to destroy the postal service. I'd like it to run more efficiently and adjust its workforce to changing times, but I don't want it destroyed.