Friday, September 16, 2011

Ex-Bush Insider Colonel Wilkerson Willing To Testify Against Bush And Cheney!!

It is the bombshell of such fantastic proportions that my ears are ringing...a feat that only the largest amounts of Vodka can achieve!! Ex-Bush Official Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson has said clearly in an interview with Russian Media that he is willing to testify in a court against former bosses George W Bush and Dick Cheney.

Apparently the release of Dick Cheney's book of lies and half truths is the last straw that broke the Camel's back, causing Colonel Wilkerson to take this unexpected and unprecedented stand against this pair of criminals, the likes of which has never soiled this country's Highest office before.

Colonel Wilkerson said that Bush and Cheney should be tried for the criminal torture carried out and indeed ordained by the evil pair. He suggested that it obviously leaves the door open to Americans being tortured as a result of our torturing of others. He said the only reason we chose to torture was because we had a "bigger gun" and sometime in the future, be it in his children's or grandchildren's future, America will be poor enough that we will have the same thing done to our troops. With the current sabotage of our economic recovery being perpetrated by the Republicans, one wonders if that day may not happen in his lifetime instead.

He also stated that around 2002, the mode of interrogation changed from one of gathering information about 911, to one of trying to establish a link, be it fictitious or not...between Baghdad and Al Qaeda, using torture as the main means of doing this. Obviously the facts were being made to fit the story of Saddam Hussein's alleged involvement in 911.

Colonel Wilkerson has within the past weeks gone on to give other interviews in which he repeats his willingness to testify against and help put this treasonous duo behind bars where they belong. It is possible that Bush and Cheney could be arrested outside the US and sent to the Hague for trial. There is speculation that a trip that was planned for George Bush to visit Canada in October 2011, may well be cancelled for fear of him being arrested.

Colonel Wilkerson stressed that Cheney has already provided the proof against himself that he willingly and criminally allowed the use of torture. This is just one video that sheds light on his guilt. This video is courtesy of Democracy Now.

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