Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crazy Bill From Crazy People!

The legislation… if you want to call it that, is known as SB 1418,  It states:
“No person or entity shall manufacture or knowingly sell food or any other product intended for human consumption which contains aborted human fetuses in the ingredients or which used aborted human fetuses in the research or development of any of the ingredients.”

This bit of crazy, is a Senate bill introduced in Oklahoma by one Ralph Shortey. He is an Oklahoma Senator who apparently enjoys living in La La land and his bill is just the latest in a string of  disturbing bills which perfectly reflect the Republicans and their crazy religious ideas. When I read this article in the LA Times Blog, I almost choked!

This guy does indeed as his name suggests, run Short on intelligence or an awareness of reality. He apparently did not come up with this idea on his own [no surprise there] and was alerted to this developing occurence of embryonic cannibalism by the equally vigilant watchmen of  fetal crimes… The Children of God for Life; who themselves seem to be a few pickles short of a picnic.

The Daily Oklahoman reported his motivation for the bill:  “Shortey said he filed the bill after reading last fall that an anti-abortion group, Children of God for Life, had called on the public in March 2010 to boycott products of major food companies that partnered with a biotech company that produces artificial flavor enhancers, unless the company stopped using aborted fetal cells to test their products. The company has denied the allegation.”

Mr. Shortey  has introduced many bills in the past [since his taking office in 2010] that are quite fitting and par for the course for one with his intellectual talents…or lack thereof according to this writer.  His bills have included one denying Oklahoma citizenship to children of illegal immigrants born in the state.

Another bill he wrote would have allowed police to confiscate the vehicles and real estate of illegal immigrants. Similarly, he tried to advance a bill that would have required presidential candidates to provide proof of citizenship before being allowed on Oklahoma’s primary ballot, a move that proves how vigilant he is in protecting against those pesky ‘Illegal Immigrants’ running for the Presidency.

I have always felt that there would be ‘hell’ to pay when religious fanatics are elected to office and this psychotic Senator just underscores my concerns. In his jubilant willingness to serve and appease his gods, he is going all out in his capacity to protect the unborn against the very companies which he and his Republican clan try to lobby for, against the American people who are victimized at every turn by this tag team of corrupt politicians and ‘soul-less’ companies…companies that Mitt Romney and the SCOTUS insist are indeed people.

So far none of his crazy bills have become law but I’m sure this ‘watchdog of righteousness’ won’t let that deter him from god’s tasks. I’m sure one of his gods, Rush Limbaugh will give him extra points for his vigilance… a blessing that might well get him into heaven without being converted to Mormonism by Mitt Romney!!  I will sleep well tonight.

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