Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ruthless Republican Rats Retard Recovery started their reporting with this...'Republicans on Friday downplayed the latest jobs report that showed the unemployment rate on a steady downward trend, describing the improvements as welcome but “anemic.”

Gingrich put it like this..."Anemic growth is not growth. We need to make dramatic change to the tax code and draw back job-killing regulations,” according to Fox.

Romney...'“Unfortunately, these numbers cannot hide the fact that President Obama's policies have prevented a true economic recovery. We can do better,”

They speak the truth, the economy could grow faster, if it was not for the systematic sabotaging of President Obama's attempts to drag us back from the brink of a them!  The Republicans have sabotaged the economic gains we make at every turn. They have blocked every attempt President Obama has made to heal this country. We have seen them at their worst for the last three years, holding the country hostage at every turn. 

The Republicans' treasonous attempts knows no boundaries. They are protected from the pain of the recession by their sheer wealth which ensures that they would not feel the hand of the poor or their gullible base will. They control their trusting and simple followers with grand ideas of having the freedom to become millionaires, while all the time systematically stripping away the very avenues which the poor and middle class need to use to achieve that American dream.

There is not much room at the top, a realization that is kept a close secret by those who choose to play their evil games and break the spine of the country...any country-- that being the middle class.
It is no secret that a strong middle class makes for a stronger economy and so grows the country. 

This is why the Republicans know what they are saying when they say we can do better...They are the enemy within and they have been very successful in their attempts to stymie the economy over the years. The one percent in any society always wants to remain the one percent. The power they command is the tease, the thrill, the ecstasy. Our republicans are no fact they are worse, as America's recession has spread Globally and billions of people are worse off today because  of their twisted and evil thinking. 

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