Monday, February 27, 2012

Your Suffering Excruciating Pain And Dying Is OK

When a man tells a woman that she can suffer excruciating pain for a period of her life and then possibly die as a result, you have to sit up and take notice. When a man can tell his mother, wife or daughter that his decision to let her suffer and die is more important than her wish to be pain free, cancer free and living longer than she would now live as a result of his decision, you have to sit up and look at this as a personal attack on her. When a man tells his loved ones...his mom,  his 'better half', or the daughter who is the apple of his eye that she needs to bleed profusely, cramp up painfully, so much so that she will pee or defecate on herself, or get cancers which will slowly and painfully suck the life out of her and eventually kill her...because he knows it is best for her, you should stand up and do something for that otherwise helpless female.

This man is obviously not addressing this woman's right to live a healthy and happy life. In fact this man has put her welfare at the bottom of a long list of other concerns he has. Concerns that are not about her living but instead about her dying...something he is apparently engineering so it will be as painful as can be for her. He is doing this because he has lost the sensibility to understand that he cannot torture and kill people with whatever decisions he makes. He cannot play God.

In the first place, he is a man...a completely different human being compared to the anatomy of a woman. He can not feel what she feels within her own body or mind. He cannot see what it looks like...literally, visually, every month, to soak up your own blood, which is coming from that most private of places. He cannot feel the cramps happening so deep into your stomach and regions around there, that you retch and vomit yellow bile...after you have vomited everything else that you had eaten for the day...sweating and cringing...curled up in a ball of pain, confusion and anger at him for making the decision that he made.

When he carries you to the emergency room or your family Doctor and is told that 'The Pill' will take care of your painful cramps, heavy bleeding and prevent you from getting Cancer...and he refuses to let you take the pill, saying his "Religious Freedom' does not allow that, you have to wonder... how much does he value you or your life? You do have to think deeply about this.

How does his religious freedom to refuse your use of a hormone pill, stop or trump your right...religious or not, to live pain free and healthy? How does he expect that day after day of bleeding and vomiting, you are in any condition to face the world, make him dinner and pleasure him?? How does he expect you to look at him with love and wonderment, as the guy you fell in love with back in High School...when he said he loved you and would take care of you for the rest of your life...and never let anything hurt you? How can this happen to you? What went wrong?

Think about your life and what he wants to do...with his 'Religious Freedom'...Think hard...
This article is a followup of this Addictinginfo work.

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