Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Republicans And Other Religious Fanatics...OPT The Hell Out!!

It is truly sickening to see the all perfect 'Christians' and other people 'in the know' try to impose their stupid and indeed twisted and delirious ideas about abortion and contraception on the public. What peeves me is their stance that somehow proper healthcare is a stab against their 'Religious Freedom'

The various churches--because the delirious can't seem to settle on one religion, one church or one 'god'--do not care that contraception and planned abortions are more helpful to American women than not. It is no secret that Christians have never cared much for their women, subjugating them at every turn through the ages, to all sorts of weird practices...even Mitt Romney's crowd liked to force them into polygamy and all sorts of wife swapping/child swapping type games.

Christians in America are following what seems to be a worldwide trend of trying to impose their various religious beliefs on unsuspecting folks like a 'thief in the night' as the saying goes. The religiously delirious in the UK and elsewhere in the Globe are no different as the Telegraph News reveals.

I remind readers of the appalling treatment Gay people are subjected to by Nigeria' 'religious'-- a recent Bill there now threatens Gay couples with jail sentences of up to 14 years, as reported here by the BBCNews.  Similarly religion is being used in the US to stomp on people's rights, I refer you to our own Prop 8 issue, something that was pushed hard for, by Mitt Romney's Church of Latter Day Saints, here is an update on that issue by the La Times.

Back in the US, the religious say that abortions will result in punishment from their various 'lords'...so will contraception,   blood transfusions, stem cell research,  not giving tithes and probably even not offering your son's tushie to the priest on a silver platter.

Some of these churches choose to make judgement calls on the rights of others getting proper lifesaving healthcare on a whim that some religious scripture says so...even though these modern medical procedures were not even invented 2000 to 3000 years ago.  In those days the equally delirious engaged in infant sacrifices and the like, which was discouraged by putting these 'punishments' into the Bible and other scriptures in the centuries after, while the scriptures were being invented/written.

I have said before in other writings and my book [shameless plug], that the authors of the Bible and other scriptures never saw God, they only heard voices... something that clearly tells the sane and the delirious apart in modern times. In fact we actually diagnose them now and give them the psychiatric help they need, to quiet the little voices in their heads.

Back in the days of Moses and Abraham, it was quite normal to hear voices then write religious scripture as a result and this should have no bearing on if a woman who is the victim of some incestual crime, to have an abortion if she chooses. 

This idiot Ron Paul said if it was an 'honest' rape on his daughter or grand-daughter then he would carry them to the ER and administer a shot of Estrogen. WTF!! This story was carried by the Rachel Maddow blog.

It gives me no warm feeling of assurance to have these delirious followers of delirious religions deciding health issues. We have to learn to pick sense from nonsense and not be delirious followers who believe everything the priests and the scriptures say...at the very least, leave the religion in the churches and do not impose these weird beliefs on the rest of us. 

If the religious are perturbed by abortion, contraception, blood transfusions and the like, that are offered to the rest of us in our insurances or other avenues, then instead of changing laws that affect all of us, just OPT out...I insist my daughter has all the necessary healthcare benefits she needs and I don't appreciate someone preventing her from that because of their bogus religious reasons.

My taxes pay for the street that is used to get to the church, my taxes pay for the police that protect the church, my taxes pay for the firemen that puts out the church fire, or the fire at the priest's house--which was started when he knocked over the candle while chasing little  jimmy around the room with his pants down-- so should I get a law passed that restricts the use of these services and 'commons' to religious entities? I don't think that is a direction we should go.

I remind you that a church or other religious institutions enjoy Tax Exemptions only because they agree to be 'insulated' from matters of State and keep matters between Church and State separate, this courtesy of the LA Times... I think they are crossing the line.

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  1. Interesting article I must say.. you completely ignore how many on the left also proclaim their religion but that is rather expected in partisan writing. Second I think your understanding of the health care bill is rather lacking. The bill says that insurance companies are forced to cover procedures such as vasectomies / other reproductive surgeries. That is forcing laws upon others and is violating property rights. Third.. If you view abortion as the right of a human life.. than you can completely understand why someone would want a law passed to preserve it. Fourth if you look at subjugation of women compared to Islam/Hinduism/Judiasm/Pagan Religions( in Americas) (pretty much 99% of all religions.) Christian women enjoyed the most freedom so your whole argument is silly :)

  2. Hi Anon, welcome.
    Firstly, That is why I said in the title 'And Other Religious Fanatics'-- all people who stick to religion as the 'do all and end all' instead of following the real teachings of Jesus and other Prophets who show that religion is just a tool to use in getting enlightened, are sadly mistaken.
    Secondly, you don't have to take any procedure you don't want to, so if you are diagnosed with a medical problem and need a vasectomy, abortion or other done...stay home...you don't have to do the operation and the insurance is not going to call the cops to tie you down on the operating table so you can get the operation...so that they can spend $100k on you--believe me, the insurance does not love or care about you, so they do not want to spend the cash.
    Thirdly, you are not forced to have an abortion...stay home...neither is your daughter or mine forced to keep their legs closed.
    Fourth, you have just named the other religious fanatics I spoke about in the title, they are all guilty of heinous crimes against women, how is your lower numbers an excuse to say that your religion is better. It is just as delirious as Jesus proved, by him being just the opposite and teaching others to do the same.
    I am a big fan of Jesus, he was my brother not my lord, he showed us how to live by looking within at our spirit and dealing with the world with love, he did not advocate worship to any god. Study the Gospel of Thomas to learn more, if you seriously value your time on this earth and your time after death. Hint...there is no pearly gates and wings and 72 virgins and all that shit.