Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Don't Force Your Religious Anti Abortion Views On Me!!

Freedom of religion and indeed freedom from religion is a basic right in America. Religious freedom is one of the really important things that I would like to remain intact because as the days go by, the separation between church and state seems to shrink as more Republicans try to keep the pressure up on their war against women, while denying that they are actually waging that war.

We all have seen the various attacks from Republicans on women and women's issues, with those attacks becoming more idiotic, going from vehemently restricting the use of contraception, to the definition of person-hood of fertilized eggs, to the House Bill HR3 by Mitt Romney's VP hopeful Paul Ryan, which even tries to define rape, whether it is forcible or not, real or not, in an effort to force women to have unwanted babies without any concern for the women who are forced to have these rape babies...after being 'forcibly' raped.

It is all well and good to preach your version of religion and the highs of it as opposed to your perceived low points in someone else's religion, but it is not okay to try to force your religious opinions and views on me through changes in law that affect me and mine. It is just not okay. 

If there was any intelligent reasons put forth by the Republicans other than religious ones, to substantiate their misguided war on women, I would be inclined to weigh the argument on the merits. 

When the birth control pill was approved for public use in the 1960's, it was expressly invented and used for the control of conception, but over the past decades the pill has become far more important to most women as a tool to relieve symptoms or cure a plethora of medical complaints, the combination of which far outnumber the volume of use for the specific purpose for which it was first invented. That term of 'Birth Control Pill' is now so '60's and outdated.

The religious views about why contraception should be outlawed is equally outdated, as the medical pills are now an integral part of the attack of disease and women's issues now more than ever. It is imperative that these medical pills, which now vary with different combinations and doses of medicines, to fight differing symptoms and complaints, be used for the continuing wellness of our female population. 

I am happy that the various churches are voicing their own views on women's reproductive issues in their churches and religious circles, but when laws are enacted that affect fellow Americans outside of the churches, then it is an act of war on the very people that said laws were meant to protect. As a direct result of restricting the use of  those medical pills that are intended for purposes of relieving medical problems, many women would suffer excruciating pain, heavy bleeding and many will die. 

This is not an issue of religious freedom as Republicans claim, this is a bogus attempt to curb and eliminate women's rights under the guise of 'Religious Freedom', because someone's 'scriptures' says so. The Republicans' 'War on women' is indeed alive and on going, do not be fooled...and don't tread on me!

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