Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fun Fact...Romney's Dad Ran For President, But He Was Born In Mexico!

Yes that is a fun fact and nothing more.  George Romney, Mittens' dad was really born in a Mormon colony in Mexico. I do not wish to demean the gentleman in any way, he is a good man who has done a lot for his country...I mean the US not Mexico. Mitt poked a little cloaked humor at the President when he recently said "They didn't ask me for my Birth Certificate".

He probably didn't know his dad was born in Mexico but I would not be surprised that he would stoop so low as to accuse the President and slight his own father. Spoiled rich brats do that, it's in their bones to walk all over whomever they choose... parents included. They are usually not very smart either, Paris Hilton still thinks Walmart sells walls.

I bring this fun fact to light to show how the Republican party has devolved to become a circus of carnival barkers mindlessly run by the likes of the Birthers [Donald Trump], the Tea Baggers [Grover Norquist] , the freaks [Rush limbaugh] and the sideshow barkers [Sean Hannity] who all lie their pants off just to derail the efforts of the President in his attempt to bring the country back to life. Their audience of sheep include Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, who get their marching orders from these clowns.

These mindless circus freaks are guilty of treason for the mere fact that they are sabotaging the country by causing foreign entities to have a grip in our country's affairs and elections. This treasonous foreign influence is in the form of massive financial donations by foreign entities who by virtue of a psychotic Supreme Court Ruling, the Citizens United decision, are allowed to donate in secrecy.

It is no secret that Romney and his team ran all over Israel and other countries securing donors to his Super Pacs. Billionaire Sheldon Adelson himself is pumping millions into Romney's election, a fact mentioned by John McCain in a PBS interview.

Mitt is nowhere like his father who like a real man, stepped up and released multiple years of his tax return, instead of groveling and hiding his tax returns as Mitt is doing. Romney has disqualified himself by raising foreign donations and like his father before him,  should bow out of the Presidential race... I await the cry from Rush and Hannity for him to end his run for President.

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