Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jon Stewart Best Yet! Kicks Fox, Hannity And The Romney Camp Where It Hurts

Last night’s Daily Show was the best I have ever seen. In a hot eleven minute skit Jon totally dismantled any semblance of truthfulness, fairness and balance that anyone thought Fox News [Bullshit Mountain] had. He starts by highlighting the vehement dislike for President Obama that festers like a boil in the conservative camp.

He then drops in on the Romney campaign to bring us up to speed on the campaign’s disgust with the poor 47% being allowed to eat and have creature comforts like medicine and a roof over our heads.

He then slaps the conservatives with the fact that Jimmy Carter’s grandson is the one responsible for Romney’s latest meltdown via the secret 47% video. He then continues in fine style to rip Hannity and others a new one, but I’ll let him tell the rest, in three parts.

Here are the videos:

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