Monday, September 24, 2012

Mitt Romney Must Not Be Elected... For The Same Reason We Did Not Elect Sarah Palin.

Call me crazy but the risks of having Mitt in the Oval Office, far outweighs the benefit. Romney's famous speech is remembered here, as he said...'Freedom requires religion, just as religion requires freedom' making it clear that he will use his religion first and foremost in making decisions, in his duties as President. Forward to 6.25 of this video for the quote.

There is one really glaring reason why Sarah Palin and John McCain were not elected to the office of President in 2008 and this is the same reason Mitt Romney will not be elected in 2012. That reason is Mitt, like Sarah would have his finger on the big red button in the Oval know the one, it launches the Nukes. 

The scare that was put into Americans when we realized that Sarah Palin was one heart attack away [McCain's] from the 'red button' was all we needed to vote President Obama into office and it is the same thing all over again, we will not put Mitt Romney that close to the famed red button. 

For many of us, whether it is biased of us or not, we choose not to be at the mercy or put the world at the mercy of someone who will be willing to put their religion before the well-being of the country and indeed the world.  

It is a well known fact that Palin is one who believes in the 'Rapture' and it is well thought that many religious leaning persons in the previous Bush administration who also believe in the 'Rapture' may have been using the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to start a third world war and quicken the coming of the 'Rapture'. This is all 'conjecture' of course.

Enter Mitt Romney, whose religion teaches that he will inherit his own planet when he dies. What makes you think he will hesitate to blow up this planet by starting a war with some country in the Middle East?  

He and his supporters are already voicing their concerns about Iran and they are 100% behind a strike against Iran by the US or Israel. This strike would in turn incite a war between Israel and the US, against Iran and their partners Russia and China. Obviously the closer Mitt is to the Oval office, the more real this scenario becomes.

We have seen the devastation in foreign countries that come from governments that are controlled by religion.

I will not trust a guy who is waiting to inherit his own planet, with the red button...

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