Saturday, October 6, 2012

Can Mitt Romney Get A Tearful Hug Like Joe Biden Can?

A picture is worth a thousand words, but my words today, ask the question which is the title of this article. Can Mitt get a tearful hug like this from a grateful teen who has so much to thank Joe for? Because of Joe, this teen has a life that is much different to and better than if Joe was not here to do the things Joe does... 

Joe helps families to get back on their feet...Mitt sends their jobs overseas.

Joe fights for Health Insurance for poor and middle class families like Kobe's, the young man who was so overwhelmed at the opportunity to meet Joe...who had so much to tell Joe that he was speechless at first. The tearful urge to hug Joe was so powerful that the teen... this wonderful teen, had no words that would have sufficed. Only a hug...a tearful hug would do. In contrast, Mitt will repeal 'Obamacare.'

Joe fights for students to get the opportunities to attend school, ...until last week, Mitt hated teachers.

Joe took the train to and from work almost everyday, meeting the average 'Joe' along his journey...Mitt's country club will not open the gates for the average 'Joe.'

Joe tells the truth to the good people he leads... Mitt lies day in and day out to the people he hopes to lead.

Joe cares for the least of us... Mitt just refers to them as 'the 47%,' clearly a sign that class warfare is alive and well.

I gasped in pure delight and in total agreement at the sight of this photo. To me it represented more than a young man's wish to express his love, respect and appreciation for Joe, the man who is fighting incalculable odds to keep families like Kobe's on a steady footing and out of poverty.

The answer to my question is the same reason why we must keep Joe in the White House... and that answer is 'No,  Mitt Romney cannot get a hug like this, from a grateful teen like this...a son of the 47%.'

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