Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mitt Romney Is A Bad Parent.

Honesty is the best policy. We parents teach that to our children at the earliest age. Obviously the title of this article is a statement in itself that you don't hear about most candidates and many will rush to say that I am making a false claim. I am of the opinion that actions speak more loudly than words and the true measure of a person is what they do, not just what they say... and in this case, what is said is quite telling.

The Romneys are in a race for the White House, Mitt Romney is trying to become the next President Of The United States. Children and countries will look up to him as the man holding the highest and most prestigious office in the world and by that extension he represents America in every way. 

To see if he deserves this title and the respect of the world's easily influenced children, we have to look at what he does with his own children. To see if he is a worthy person to lead the global nations' children, we have to look at his actions to see if they are honest and demonstrating great character.

One thing that is overlooked in this Presidential race is the lack of Mitt's character and honesty... a telling sign of what a person is really made of. It is no secret that Mitt Romney has been caught telling lies about everything under the sun, he is called out on his changing opinions and 'flip flops' from sun up to sun down.

To measure the seriousness of his dishonesty we have to look at it from his point of view, through his eyes. He is a leader in the Morman Church... he represents them. When he lies he brings a cloud of dishonesty and shame to the church he represents. By extension he is telling the world that the Mormon Church remains silent because they condone his behavior. When he lies he forgets that he brings shame to the children he leads, his own children.

When he constantly lies and brings his kids and grand-kids up on stage to bask in the glory of his barrage of lies and deceit, he is forcing them to share in his lies, to share in his dishonesty. He is telling them in no uncertain words that the action of lying and deceiving the American people is good and is a great representation of the church that they are part of and the country he represents. 

I am sure that all through their lives, he has taught his children to be honest and deserving of the blessings that God showers on them. Remember... 'It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.' This phrase is key because the bible is teaching that the dishonesty and lack of character is what will condemn a man to hell.

He now has his own children sharing in the lies that he says daily and any child would be ashamed of him because of his dishonesty. If they agree with his dishonest approach to the Presidential office he seeks...lying to the American people, then he has already condemned them to hell as well. 

Is that all their lives amount to? Is that all they're worth to him? I think as his children, they deserve much better from a father, I think the American people deserve much more honesty and character as an example from a President, to lead the nation's children.

Mitt Romney forgets what America represents. He forgets what the office of the President represents. He forgets why Presidents are considered to be 'The father of the nation'... 

I see an empty man on stage, a man devoid of honesty and character, I don't want him leading my children. My beautiful, honest children. I think our children deserve better so they can look up to the President and think... I want to be like him one day...

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