Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Vote For Republicans Is A Vote For God Sanctioned Rape And Against Women.

What would happen if a rapist decides to file for custody of the child he fathered with his rape victim? What if he just demanded visitation rights? This is a very stark reality if Republicans win the White House. 'God sanctioned rape' is the term used recently to describe what a woman, impregnated by a rapist, would hear from her Republican representatives who will make the decisions when in office that will set the guidelines as to when the rape victim can get an abortion to terminate the pregnancy that is more than likely to destroy her future and possibly that of those around her who share her life...her parents...her husband...her other kids.

Republicans seem to be obsessed with a woman's vagina and what she can do with that particular part of her body. The Republicans running for office in this election want voters to believe they are not waging a war on women...they expect that they will just nonchalantly tell women what to do and women will simply shut the fuck up and comply...

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Todd Aiken and Richard Mourdock all share the same opinion that rape can be categorized as many things, such as there being legitimate rape, or rape being their God's blessing, or there even being a problem with rape being too easy, because as Republican State Representative Roger Rivard says...'some girls rape easy.' 

There has always been the precedent that the republican base votes against his/her own best interests and against the better interests of their own parents and children who stand to lose traditional healthcare with the repeal of Obamacare, so all eyes are trained on what will happen in this election if Republican women don't rise up against their obvious degrading by Republican candidates.

Republican women so far do not seem to be put out by the strange remarks being voiced by these Republican men who apparently have been given the floor to say and do anything where rape and women's rights are concerned. There was a marked silence by Republican women when it was revealed by then Santorum financial sugar daddy Foster Friess that women can just put some aspirin between their knees when they needed to take care of their contraceptive needs. 

I end this strange rant with the warning...A vote for republicans is a vote against women...

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