Thursday, December 20, 2012

Don't Ban Guns Or Large Capacity Clips, Just Insure Them

The biggest obstruction to sensible laws against gun violence and other gun related concerns is the Military Industrial Complex and their lobbyists who effectively tie the hands of politicians who are indebted to them.

So my simple solution is to make it law that guns are to be annually insured against the risk or danger they present. I suspect there will be a drop in gun ownership by an estimated 60% within the first month as the majority of owners will not be willing to pay insurance fees for excess armaments, keeping only the minimum necessary. There will be very little stockpiling of weapons.

I myself see the need for Food, Guns, Viruses and Medicines which right now, are mostly toxic in nature, but do serve a good purpose. They all have their place in a growing Global society.

No one's rights to keep or bear arms will be affected as the weapons will not be banned or restricted, but will simply be charged an appropriate fee for the different levels of risk they present to human beings, as determined by the insurance company, with no government input or restriction.

The insurance cost of guns and bullets will be on a sliding scale which will be solely decided by the Insurance companies thereby keeping with the Republican mantra of letting the Capitalistic 'free markets' control where the market will go. There will be no government involvement when it comes to how high a fee the insurance industry will charge against the risk the various weapons and their bullets or extended gun clips present.

A company can charge from 10% to 100% of the cost of the weapon as an annual fee and the same scale can be applied for the cost of each bullet in any sized clip, resulting in higher annual fees for larger clips or automatic and semi automatic weapons than older less efficient guns and bullets.

In effect, a six bullet .38 special will cost far less to insure than a newer model gun that carries 10 bullets or more. Each bullet can cost up to 100% of its purchase price to annually insure it. The same applies to each gun, resulting in an immediate drop in the hoarding of guns or bullets.

More specialized guns and bullets would be charged whatever fees the insurance deems necessary, so 'hollow point' or other special bullets would be more expensive to annually insure than regular non specialized ammunition. 

The insurance companies will be allowed to charge fees for home insurance where the guns and bullets would be housed, including commercial buildings. Fees would also be allowed for vehicles that will house or transport guns and ammo. 

Added to this insurance requirement, there will be 'Buy-Back' programs at all police stations, just as is done at present, in order for owners to get rid of excess equipment. 

Whatever health requirements and registration  requirements the insurance companies deem necessary will be as the insurance company sees fit. This one first step will be enough to curb most of our gun concerns, after which we can address any unforeseen problems with the remaining guns.

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  1. I'm not liking this idea, Tee...what about guns bought off the street, guns not registered? I'd like to see manufacturing of high powered assault weapons and those 30 to 100 round magazines stop all together, except for military use.. my 2 cents! :)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours my friend!

  2. Hi Sue :) With such a drastic drop in the ownership of weapons, the manufacture will all but grind to a halt because you will remove the mass demand, for mass production of weapons, only the military will be a large user and buyer.

    Weapons will become very expensive for such a small market. Merry Christmas to you and yours too, luv ya!!

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  4. Hi tabaco123, thanks for stopping by, feel free to visit again :)

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  6. This is all fine and dandy, if we could just get all the criminals agree to pay there tax's on there registered weapons.

  7. No need to tax anyone, just pay insurance like we do on our cars.