Sunday, December 30, 2012

Republicans Still Show No Concern For The Poor.

After watching CNN's State of the Union with Candy Crowley, I came away feeling that I have to write an obituary for America! Candy's guests were quite succinct and more than convicted in their veiled disgust and nonchalant lack of concern for the poor of America. They keep bandying about words like 'entitlements, Spending cuts and deficit reduction' without batting an eye, as to the destruction to the poor that they are proposing.

First of Candy's guests was outgoing senator Olympia Snow. She was all too eager to project that republicans really care and want to keep tax rates from going up on anyone, but insists that any fiscal cliff deal has to include some plan for reducing entitlements. That would be all well and good except it's obvious she thinks Americans are too stupid to realize that entitlement cuts really mean cutting programs for the poor that they need to live, feed their kids and stay healthy.

Next up was CNN Correspondent Dana Bash who reported something really shocking. She said that Republicans refused to go along with Democrat's suggestion, that some of the extra income that will be raised with the new tax rates can be used to pay down the debt. Republicans insisted that debt reduction must be done instead by entitlement cuts thereby ensuring that any pain and suffering to pay down the debt and curb spending is placed squarely on the bleeding backs of America's poor. 

Next up was Senator for Wyoming John Barrasso who commented that infrastructure spending was off the negotiation table as it is just another way of running up the debt, suggesting that we should first grow the economy... by following the Republicans' mantra of cutting spending by entitlement reforms. Notice how republicans say that having infrastructure programs is 'spending' on infrastructure, instead of it being 'investing' in those programs and creating jobs which will grow the economy...something that was done after WWII. 

Of course when a major bridge falls in their area or they are stricken in some way by natural disasters they do not say that their pleas for help requires government spending, instead they are quite happy to praise the same departments that they are still trying to do away with, FEMA is just one such example.

They are wordsmiths of the highest order, 'entitlement reforms' simply mean cutting programs to the poor in order to scrape off massive profits for the rich in the form of lowering taxes and keeping them low, regardless of how much pain and suffering they cause to the bottom 98% of Americans, half of whom are poor republicans who need these programs to live and feed their families.

The Fiscal Cliff  and Debt Ceiling talks have one thing in common, the willingness by the Republicans to do everything they can to bring pain and suffering to America's poor and needy, who just want to live. 

Republicans maintain that there is no leadership from the President, by which they mean the President should fold to their demands to inflict pain onto the poor, and lead the rest of the Democrats kicking and screaming towards the Republican's evil way of thinking.

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  1. I'm glad I missed Candy's show, sounds like a doozey...Tee, there really isn't anything new ANY of us can add to the L vs R debate. They simply have warped brain cells and NO comprehension of an ordinary life in America. Living pay check to pay check, living off a SS check alone, not being able to send your kid to college, Having to choose between heat and food! They simply don't care, if they did they would not STILL be in negotiations over this fiscal cliff deal! What the hell are they negotiating??

  2. Sue... you are so right it hurts! I'm in the middle of it here at Rockaway, Hurricane Sandy wiped out many and Republicans are only making it worse...

  3. You're the man, Tee!

    Never stop speaking the truth and placing the blame where it logically goes.


    Love ya,