Friday, January 18, 2013

Wacky Wepublicans' Weekly Weview, Week 3 2013...(Kill The Wabbit)...

So, who are the Wacky Wepublicans trying to kill with their way-out policies this week? Well, it looks like the little ones in K-12, Law enforcement and the US Military are in their sights this week, with the Wacky gun lobbyists all over the news telling us not to ban this gun or that ammo clip because the 'kids' won't be protected by regulations anyway and the 2nd amendment says so.

The Wepublicans argue that a psychotic killer will steal a gun as the Newtown shooter did and will shoot up the school Cinema or Mall regardless of if we put a ban on military styled weapons or their extended magazines. Well I for one do not believe we should have military styled weapons in the public arena. 

The big boys at the NRA say these military type guns with extended mags are used for hunting and target practice. There are a few Wacky things to consider here, first is the need to have another twenty bullets to shoot at that darned deer after you had missed him with the first thirty shots.

Second is the fact that you need extended magazines for target practice and competition because it takes so long to reload a magazine with ten or seven bullets. I am sure the target is not a sprinting and jumping Gazelle so I do not see the need for rapid fire shooting at a stationary target. What does the shooter not get about the target being stationary?

Thirdly, I was made aware that with the Geneva Convention in mind, military weaponry is not made to kill the target, but is made to only wound them. A round is made to enter the target with a dime-sized hole and exit the target with that same dime sized hole, merely wounding the enemy and thereby incapacitating them. The bullets domestically used in the US would enter the target with a dime-sized hole and exit the target with a baseball sized hole, in other words it is meant to kill.

Fourth is the fact that the 2nd amendment states that there must be a well regulated militia, so obviously trying to have some regulation was foreseen by the writers of said amendment. It is argued that it was not the intention of the writers to have the militia only armed with muskets and therefore any weapon, including Rocket Launchers would be acceptable. 

Fifth, is the delusion that having military styled guns would be an effective tool used against a government force that includes war trained soldiers with their tanks, Black Hawk Helicopters and other new microwave weapons which could decimate a crowd from blocks away with  targeted microwave heat that makes your blood boil. I have seen this weapon tested and it is extremely effective.

Sixth is the fact that anyone taking up arms against the government is guilty of Treason and should be handled as such. The 2nd amendment was written for the militia to be armed against a slave uprising, and their job was to have weekly or monthly inspections of slave quarters to ensure that the slaves were not amassing the local militia are now doing. 

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