Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sarah Palin Nails It, Falls Off The Wagon, Shows Why She Will Never Get The GOP Nod, Ever.

Looking older and quite haggard since her McCain/Palin heyday, Sarah took to the podium like the trooper of the airheads we have come to know and love...wearing something that appeared just 'picked up and thrown on,' and a hairdo that resembled the aftermath of a roll in the hay...[or of someone just awakened out of a drunken stupor in the back of a truck.] All the while as I watched her performance, I keep wondering if her hair and wardrobe was all staged to connect with her target audience.
In her misguided opinion, she concludes that the country was desperate for leadership, but she wants elected Obama to step aside so those who lost the election could lead. Her enlightened view, though amusing, was like a dog trying to bite its own tail in a never ending spin that goes nowhere.

With an untalented attempt at stand up, she dutifully warmed up the crowd with lines about liking Texans because they did not mess around with our 2nd amendment rights, and  taking away the 'good guys' freedoms.'  Then with not so much the needed seriousness of a well versed and coherent speaker, she rambled on with " it's all about the solely, that chunk of metal did the crime...and solely, that fork made me fat...' at one point even suggesting Obama should have a background check done on himself, obviously pandering to a now mentally defunct Trump and his birtherism ideas.

She spoke with a half serving of drivel and like Boehner, appeared to sort of slur her drawled speech as if she was high or at least lightly inebriated... She tried to joke about the 'liberal media folk.'

From CBSnews " Slurpie slapstick aside, forging ahead the conservative cause requires an "adult conversation," not just "rebuilding the party, or rebranding the GOP," she said. The country currently doesn't have leadership from Mr. Obama, she said. "We have reality television," said Palin, whose own reality show, "Sarah Palin's Alaska," enjoyed a one-season run on TLC."

At the end, she had obviously gotten the effects of what she had drank earlier in the big gulp cup, [which she insisted was only pop and 'low cal ice'] she rambled on about dog-sledding... her exclamation of 'eh? we came in 2nd out of two...' really put it over the edge if there was any doubt of drunkenness.

One obviously embarrassed supporter said Palin is liked and tried to decode the Republican phenomenon like this ..."I don't think she is very substantive, I don't think she has a lot of facts that are even relevant to her speak, but I like the way she talks...[embarrassed laugh] if that even matters...[to explain further, she continued] a lot of people are under-educated and they don't even read past what people say, if they feel something when you talk [even if they don't understand it] they're gonna vote for you anyways, sorry that's true..."

Many others interviewed, tried to stay away from any attempt to pin down intelligent factoids or qualifications that Sarah may have, to quantify her value as a candidate or valid leader for the party in the future... leaving them to only generalize, on the GOP's use of her showmanship to slow the party's recent nosedive and inclement destiny, as something they obviously have yet to figure out.

To further explain what the 'under-educated' Palin followers that were mentioned earlier think, we can take a look at those in the following video, who mostly show their ignorance by echoing Palin's own  thoughts, that the party's ideals are still good and should not change, they just need to change the approach on how to explain the GOP ideals to the rest of America, who don't get that the confederacy is alive and well in the Tea Party time zone of 1860. This is a perfect cross-section of the Palin crowd...

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