Thursday, March 7, 2013

Senators McCain And Graham Come Clean, Supports The President...Torpedoes Rand Paul.

McCain...'I don't think what happened yesterday is helpful to the American people...'
Senator John McCain was referring to the filibuster and now exposed  theatrical photo-op staged by Rand Paul, put on all for the benefit of his political gain and is in fact a precursor to his future shenanigans designed to misdirect and misinform the American people and some young libertarians who have yet to overcome their political teething problems.

Senator McCain was on the floor rebuffing the outlandish claims made by Rand Paul that President Obama should answer questions confirming if he will bomb a suspect in a cafe in America, should he deem said suspect a threat to our National Security.

McCain continued..." But somehow to allege that the United States of America, our government, will drop a drone hell-fire missile on Jane Fonda [in said cafe]...that brings the conversation from a serious discussion about US policy, to the realm of the ridiculous"

Senator McCain then introduced his colleague from South Carolina, Senator Lindsay Graham, who immediately chastised his fellow republicans for not raising their voices and concerns that former president George W Bush would have killed anyone with a drone strike.

Senator Graham said that he congratulated President Obama for understanding that we are at war and thus making the decisions he has so far made including killing Anwar Al-awlaki. He further said that Rand Paul's questions cheapen the debate and does not even deserve an answer.

Senator McCain then interjected that in WWII, there was an American citizen who was arrested on Long Island and hung on American soil for being deemed an enemy combatant, thus substantiating the fact that an enemy combatant can be killed anywhere he is found and is deemed an ongoing and relevant threat to American lives. He added that this decision was upheld by the SCOTUS.

Senator Graham continued in fine style.

Those who are familiar with my writing style know only too well that I would not hesitate to inject my opinions within some articles I produce, but this bit of video speaks so powerfully and truthfully for itself, that I stand humbled by both Senators and their willingness to speak truth to power and show the true merit that the President deserves in these trying times of war, political sabotage and theatrics by the likes of Rand Paul and many others on the right.

The full video can be seen here.

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