Monday, October 21, 2013

Bill O'Reilly Got It Wrong On Jesus.

This will be short as it does not take much to school Bill... or Republicans for that matter. So, Bill had an interview with a Theologian scholar and professor at Notre Dame, Candida Moss, about her claim that Jesus was a socialist. This interview is presented below, and is unedited by myself and is featured on Youtube by someone other than myself.

In the video, Bill suggests that Jesus was not a Socialist, and chose to stay out of the politics by saying that one should "give unto Caesar what was Caesar's," implying that Jesus was okay with the rich being so while being able to get into heaven, thereby negating the 'camel through the eye of a needle comment' and that indeed, Ms. Moss was mistaken and a 'loon' as Bill so cluelessly put it.

I am sure that having just had someone write or co-write a book for him about Jesus, Bill would know that this guy Caesar was actually the guy who had taxes paid to him by the populace so he could do the socialist actions of providing goods and services to the people in the form of the Romans' famous plumbing and other infrastructure needed to run a big city of the time. 

Caesar also used the taxes collected to provide armed security for the populace, financial support for the church, the elites and landowners. This act of Jesus in supporting Caesar's tax collecting shows that he was indeed a socialist... Billy'o got it wrong.

Bill adamantly says Jesus did not like the Soviet Union or those other socialist countries... okay Bill, I am not aware that the Soviet Union was in existence 2000 years ago... take your meds buddy...

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